Ethereum (or simply Ether) is one of those cryptocurrencies that are in greatest demand. For today, the profitability of its mining is in the highest positions. However, do not forget that the profitable selection of the Ether is strongly influenced by the competent choice of the video card.

The process of the Ethereum production

On the PC, there is a continuous launch of an ethash-hashing sequence that involves the initial selection of a certain amount of data and then shrinks it to the length of a character string. Hashing the data of the end block occurs using the nonce code. In the Blockchain, for each individual block, the network determines the hash value. The miner should guess the nonce parameter, thanks to which this value was obtained.

Since the principles of cryptography are taken as the basis for hashing, an inexperienced person will not be able to select the necessary parameter of the code. The only way out is to move through the range of possible options until the desired value is selected. To perform all this algorithm, you need to have a quality hardware. When the code nonce is guessed, 5 ethers are credited to the account of the miner, then everything starts again. The algorithm is repeated every 12 seconds.

The graph below illustrates the profitability of the Ether mining.

At the end of March 2018, the Etherium was equivalent to 521 US dollars.

To successfully run the hashing sequence and perform the entire procedure, you need a lot of processing power. That is why a high-quality video card is an integral element that ensures the profitability of the extraction of digital currency.

The choice of a video card for the Ethereum mining

To achieve good results in mining, you must have a graphics processor (GPU), which has a huge capacity, which is usually used to develop 3D graphics or video games. Extraction of the Ether is possible on CPU, but for better success, it is recommended to use a video card, since it is already adapted for this and will better work when hashing the Etherium.

Qualitative video cards are in great demand. So if you find a really powerful GPU in stock, it’s better to buy it right away. However, remember, if you are aiming to make good money on the Ether, then one video card just will not be enough. The ideal option will be the presence of an entire farm, which produces a huge number of capacities due to existing video cards. But it is worth considering that this will require a lot of electricity.

When choosing a quality video card for the Ethereum production, it is necessary to take into account such characteristics:

  • The total used power;
  • The amount of consumed electricity;
  • The processor overclocking speed;
  • Cooling hardware parameters;
  • Total hardware price.

Knowing these parameters, the miner can independently calculate how much the chosen model will be repaid. To do this, you need to use a calculator for mining, which is available widely on the Internet. If the video card pays off in six months, then this is an excellent indicator. When choosing a GPU, you should compare the performance of several models and purchase the processor that will be the most profitable.

Recommendations for choosing a video card for the Ethereum mining

To extract the Ether in 2018, it is worthwhile to consider the video card variants shown in the table below

When choosing a GPU, pay attention to the technical specifications. Since some video cards produced by different companies can be full analogs to each other. It is worth noting the graphics processors Geforce GTX1080 and Radeon RX580, the cost of which will be slightly higher, but they will have much more power.

If you have the opportunity to replenish your farm with any of these models, first calculate the rate of its payback. We will not indicate the payback of the cards, as their value varies with each passing day. Thus, the data very quickly become irrelevant.

The following table shows examples of Mining algorithms for Equihash and Ethash using these video cards.

In addition to the hash indicators, which already now show the leaders in the Ethereum mining, be sure to consider how quickly your purchase will pay off. Always to begin with, you need to return the money spent on equipment, and only then begin to actively earn on the production of the Ethereum. The GPU, like other equipment, has the property of wearing out. Thus, the longer the graphics processor is running, the higher the level of its deterioration. Accordingly, the video card becomes incapable of showing the original results.

As noted earlier, when calculating the payback, it is worth using a calculator designed specifically for mining. At the moment, the highest speed of self-sufficiency is marked by models Geforce GTX1060 and Radeon RX470. Do not be surprised if you do not find them on sale: this is the standard situation. Pay attention to those GPU models that are in a higher price category: Geforce GTX1070 and Radeon RX480 or RX580.

Components required for the Ether production

For a successful cryptocurrency production, it is not enough to purchase a graphics card. And it’s not even in their number – two or three, too, is not enough. In the farm, in addition to the graphics processor, also includes other components:

  • Motherboard with 4-6 slots;
  • Power supply unit with the power corresponding to your video cards;
  • An effective cooling for the GPU (air or water);
  • Processor (you can choose the most simple model since multitasking is not a characteristic feature of the production of the Etherium);
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • Specific stand or frame.

When choosing components, you need to pay attention to their power consumption, as well as their technical compatibility with each other, to ensure the smooth operation of the farm. In addition, consider how much energy is consumed by one video card, and their number. Remember that the processor can work without interruptions only if at least a quarter of its total power remains free.

Thus, when using six video cards with a capacity of 120 Watts each, their total capacity will be 720 Watts. Therefore, you need to purchase a processor, whose power will be not less than 1200 W.

When arranging the farm, it is worth remembering that the video cards should be located next to each other and at some distance from the processor. Only such an arrangement will make the system overheating safe and allow the heat to dissipate evenly throughout the room. Often, both video cards and the processor are installed in special racks made of wooden bars or metal.

Now you know all the secrets of equipping the farm for mining Ethereum. After combining all the elements into a single system, the miner needs to configure the software part.


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