Today, the popularity of cryptocurrency is unquestionable – millions of users around the world operate with digital money, investing their fiat assets in them and “playing” with the exchange rate to generate revenue in the future. When working with cryptocurrency, any user needs a private wallet – it is a digital analog of a bank card, which allows you to perform any operations with funds. The modern cryptocurrency market offers coin users a wide choice of various products. Below we will consider the top products for working with cryptocurrency on mobile devices and tell you what their pros and cons are.


This mobile wallet is a modern and easy-to-use mobile client for working with cryptocurrency. In addition to the general functionality, it provides the user with the ability to use cold storage for their crypto assets in a highly secure and off-line mode.

The wallet functions on devices running on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOSX platforms.

Mobile wallet provides users with the following options:

  • The possibility of full control of own funds – only the owner of the wallet can dispose of his own assets, no one except him has the right and the ability to block funds, freeze the account. In this case, do not neglect the backup;
  • Conditions of basic transparency – the source code of the application is available to all interested persons by the link Installing the software provides a certain degree of trust to the developers;
  • Security – the wallet is downloaded to mobile devices in isolation from the effects of malicious programs. To improve the security level, it is recommended to use data encryption and create backup copies;
  • Confidentiality – none of the users can track your balance, transactions. When making payments, it is recommended to use new Bitcoin addresses;
  • Dynamics of commissions – during transactions, the system offers the user the optimal commission amount depending on the number of transactions, which helps to avoids overpayments;
  • Centralization – the application operates on the basis of a centralized system that is controlled by a single center. This requires a certain level of trust in third parties and the belief that the simulation of payments or their concealment will be excluded.

The official site of the application is

Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet

This mobile Bitcoin wallet provides users with a comfortable interface and full functionality for working with cryptocurrency. The list of options includes automatic data encryption. The application is available for devices running on iOS and Android platforms.

What do we have when working with such a cryptocurrency client:

  • Control of funds – the user fully controls the turnover of his funds. Do not forget about backup and password confidentiality;
  • Decentralization – the client is based on a decentralized system run by the users themselves. This excludes the interference of third parties in the procedures for conducting operations. Guarantee of complete safety;
  • Transparency – availability of the source code allows each user, if desired, to audit the client. At the same time, installing software implies trust in the product developers;
  • Security – downloading applications to gadgets is done in isolation from the actions of malicious software. Despite this, you need to use strong passwords and use backups to increase the safety of your funds;
  • Confidentiality – no one except you has access to your assets, balance sheet and operations. It is impossible to track recipients of payments, which is guaranteed by the use of new Bitcoin addresses for payment requests;
  • Dynamic commissions – the system offers you the optimal commission amount in proportion to the number of transactions. This eliminates the overpayment and normalizes the costs for the use of project resources.


This cryptocurrency wallet is an easy to manage digital client, oriented to the maximum user comfort. Cold and hot storage for assets allows you to choose the optimal mode of working with funds. Using a random number generator allows you to increase the level of security, as well as using a multi-signature and another product options.

The wallet works on mobile devices that support iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms.

When you select this product, the user receives:

  • The ability to control money – you are given the opportunity to fully control your own assets. Nobody except the owner of the wallet has no access to funds;
  • A simplified procedure for checking – the operations are checked by the system directly within the framework of the Blockchain. This excludes the possibility of interference by third parties in the work of the project;
  • Transparency conditions – by the link any user can access the source code of the product and check it;
  • Security conditions – loading Bitcoin wallet to mobile devices is done in isolation, which allows to ensure high-quality security for cryptocurrency assets and protect the gadget from the effects of malicious software. At the same time, the level of data and tools’ safety is significantly improved by using strong passwords and backups;
  • Confidentiality – a sufficiently low level of confidentiality makes it possible for other users to access information about your payments due to the re-use of Bitcoins for requests for payment. It is also possible to partially disclose confidential information to other users – the system remembers previously provided user data;
  • The lack of the possibility of using proxy servers and tunnels for anonymous work on the Internet network;
  • Static commissions – a fixed commission for the execution of operations is charged to the user for the use of system resources regardless of the amount of the transaction. In some cases, this may involve overpayment.

The official website of the wallet is


This version of mobile Bitcoin wallet involves the use of multi-signature, increased security and confidentiality for working with cryptocurrency assets. The transfer of private keys is excluded even if cryptographic encryption is used. At your disposal are two-factor authorization and variations of the client to work on devices that support the Android platform, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, as well as the client to work in online mode.

Choosing this cryptocurrency wallet, you get:

  • The possibility of joint control of funds – in this case, the authorization of all transactions are made by the owner of the wallet and a third party. When using the backup option, you can always restore full access to your tools and account. The same is achieved by signing transactions and sending them by e-mail;
  • Decentralized management – the principle of decentralization is that the system is managed not by a single center, but by all network members. This ensures the absence of third parties in the management of your funds and the need to trust confidential information about your account;
  • Transparent system – the source code placed on GitHub by the link ensures full accessibility to all users who want to audit the client;
  • Two-factor authorization availability – this function allows you to work with cryptocurrency even in an unsafe environment. Two-stage authorization provides increased security and safety of your assets;
  • Increased privacy – no one except you has access to the balance, assets, and operation of your wallet. To improve security, use the new bitcoin addresses for payment requests;
  • The lack of the ability to work with proxy servers and tunnels for anonymous mode;
  • Possibility to control commissions – upon the transaction, the system provides the user with the opportunity to adjust commissions and also offers the best option with a reference to the current state of the system.

You can find out more information about the product on the official wallet website –

Coin Space

Coin Space HD Wallet is represented by an online wallet for working with cryptocurrency assets. The resources of this client can be used anywhere in the world. By using its functionality, you can operate the cryptocurrency both from your mobile gadget and from the desktop device.

The wallet works on devices that support iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and also allows you to manipulate assets in the mode of working with a web client.

Choosing this wallet, you will receive:

  • The possibility of full control of funds – no one except you can freeze your account, or dispose of the funds. Responsibility for the safety of passwords and for carrying out backups lies entirely with the owner of the wallet;
  • Security mode – an isolated environment in which the client is installed on the device, excludes the effect of malicious software. Use cryptographic data encryption to increase the security and safety of your funds;
  • Privacy mode – other users of the system cannot access your account, confidential data, payments, balance. It is recommended to use the new Bitcoin address for the next request for payment;
  • The lack of anonymous mode when using Tor proxies and tunnels;
  • Dynamic commissions – the system will independently propose the optimal size of the commission with a reference to the number of the transaction, which makes it possible to exclude the possibility of overpaying for micropayments;
  • Centralized management – the system is controlled by a single center, which implies a degree of trust in the developers;
  • Audit – on GitHub, you get free access to the source code by the link

The official website of the wallet is


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