In this article, we will talk about the Waves project, which is a platform and the same name cryptocurrency. The use of platform functionality opens up new horizons for cryptocurrency users, expanding the range of opportunities for work and income generation.

The Waves project basic information

The Waves project is a platform that was based on the principles of decentralized work and integration of the Blockchain technologies. Using Waves is focused on carrying out user operations of marker chains. At the same time, the process of currency transfer is provided through the use of the Waves Blockchain.

The Waves altcoin is part of a global platform open to public use, based on the Blockchain technology. The project was created in a 2016th year. As developers of Waves declare, their main goal was to provide a common infrastructure for users who will be offered a highly functional and simple toolkit, as well as transparent terms of cooperation, which will make the Blockchain platform accessible to everyone. Developers want to provide cryptocurrency users of an ecosystem with a free and perfect economy with instant payments.

If we talk about what Waves is, then, first of all, it is worth noting the power of the platform on the basis of which Waves coins function. The project provides users the ability to run their own tokens, protected by cryptographic encryption. With this functionality, users can create their own applications and other products that will have all the advantages of a peer-to-peer platform.

Getting started with the Waves project will enable you to store, buy, sell and exchange your own cryptocurrency assets in an environment of increased security and confidentiality.

In 2017, the project entered into cooperation with the Deloitte company, which allowed the development of legal frameworks for deeper integration of the Blockchain technologies.

What is the Waves cryptocurrency and its platform with the same name? First of all, this is a project that will be of interest to all categories of users:

  • Developers – high throughput, low latency and minimum commission indicators allow to produce a large number of profitable products within the framework of the platform;
  • Investors – investors have the opportunity to invest their assets in a promising and modern project that is rapidly developing and constantly improving;
  • To traders – storage of cryptocurrency in the Lite-client and conditions of guaranteed security and confidentiality provide the platform space for making profitable transactions thanks to the built-in DEX exchanger;
  • Companies – their own block markers can successfully promote new start-ups, and the loyalty program, the principle of crowd-hosting and other rules of the platform only additionally contribute to it.

Project and Waves cryptocurrency main features

The Waves project provides all relevant information for users of all categories through its official website

Here you can find out all the information you need about the platform and Waves coin. Also, you are invited to join the community, where you can enter into profitable deals with other users, exchange assets at a favorable rate and much more.

The Waves technological features consist in the fact that the system uses the built-in algorithm Proof-of-Stake or PoS. This ensures that participants receive remuneration from commissions on the fact of confirmed transactions, and a decentralized management system guarantees transparency of work and the absence of hidden payments and contributions.

In addition, the consensus algorithm provides increased network bandwidth, which allows to carry out hundreds of payments every second.

The amount of commissions when making transactions is only 0.001 Waves token, as well as the cost of filing market orders. And if you want to issue your own cryptocurrency, then for this you will need to pay one Waves coin in the absence of a fee for using your own coin.

To issue your own cryptocurrency, you do not need smart contracts or other transactions. For this, you just need to run the client and create a token in it. Downloading the client is done by a link

The ap

plication runs on Android-devices: wait for the files to download and run the client for convenient and quick work with the tools. If at the time of client installation you do not have Waves tokens, you can purchase them directly within the client, after which you will be able to release your own crypto coin.

Developers provide everyone with open source code, which can be found on GitHub – Anyone can make suggestions on how to improve the project.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Waves platform and cryptocurrency

If we talk about the pros and cons of working with the project, the main drawback of Waves can be called the youth of the product, which implies the need to refine some technical issues and the lack of full software for all possible devices. Among the advantages of the project is to allocate a whole list, which significantly prevails over the minuses:

  • The possibility of using the built-in exchange service DEX;
  • The possibility of trading without any volume restrictions;
  • Instant crediting of funds when replenishing the balance, as well as instant withdrawal on demand;
  • The minimum amount of commissions;
  • High level of security and confidentiality;
  • The possibility of conducting a large number of operations every second;
  • Storage of assets in their own wallet, and not within the exchange;
  • The possibility of investing funds to develop their own projects;
  • The possibility of expanding the client base for your product;
  • The possibility of issuing own coin and conducting an ICO.

The Waves token current rate

With Waves capitalization, which is more than 1 billion US dollars, Waves can be purchased at the following rate: as of April 3, 2018, the price of Waves token is 3.98 USD, which is the Bitcoin equivalent is 0.00054340 BTC per coin.

The Waves digital wallet

Before thinking about how to get Waves, you should understand that to work with this cryptocurrency you will need a Waves wallet. You can download it from the official website of the project, which presents various options for convenience:



At the same time, you can find all the sub-items of each client on GitHub by clicking the link

The procedure for installing the wallet is standard: choose the right version, download, run and pass registration with the receipt of the siddh-phrase and the address Waves.

Who does not know what Waves address is, we explain: this is an analog of the number of your bank card, under which you provide the opportunity to send you funds to the card. In this case, the role of the card is a cryptocurrency wallet.

Waves wallet provides the user with the following features:

  • Independent control of funds;
  • The possibility of creating multi-currency wallets;
  • Instant transfer of funds;
  • Increased security system.

Working with the Waves cryptocurrency

In addition to standard sales operations, you can operate Waves coins on stock exchanges to generate income when playing with asset rates. Waves tokens supports a number of companies that provide cryptocurrency exchange services and other tools.

The Waves perspectives

If we talk about the Waves prospects, it is worth noting that the project is developing quite rapidly and has not even gained its full strength yet. As the developers promise, the forecast for Waves should be more than positive, and in this connection they will please users by launching the extended functionality of the platform, which will include new UI and UX, multi-signature, smart contracts, obtaining advanced statistics, new gateways for working with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as well.


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