The Status project simultaneously combines the messenger and the social network for which Ethereum Blockchain is used. This Blockchain is the link between all projects created on the basis of Ethereum. Status is an application for a smartphone that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies created on the Ethereum basis, and at the same time communicate with other members of the network. Also, this software allows you to use an anonymous and fully decentralized Internet browser.

Today, the Status unites such projects as:

  • Ujo;
  • uPort;
  • Etherics;
  • Gnosis;
  • Aragon;
  • Ethlance;
  • Oasis Exchange.

All of the above projects are using the Ethereum Blockchain as a basis. Along with the development of this application, the list of supported projects will increase, which will expand the network.

The ICO of this project was held last summer. Today, the capitalization of the SNT coin is $ 437 million. You can buy Status coins on such crypto trading platforms as Liqui, Bittrex and Binance. The price for the coin SNT, as of April 8, 2018, is 0.125986 dollars.

Virtual currency SNT is very promising, as many members of the cryptocurrency community are increasingly refusing to use the usual social networks, including Facebook and VKontakte. Today, the popularity of Instagram and Twitter is very high. Once the Blockchain becomes a more massive phenomenon, the Status application will gain popularity comparable to the latest social networks.

During the next distribution of equity for an investment in the ICO, attention should be paid to SNT coins that can be stored in a special Status wallet.


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