In this review, we will consider what is the Hshare (HSR) cryptocurrency, what are its features, how does the platform with the same name work, and whether it is worth user attention.

The Hshare key information: the principles of the project

Speaking of what Hshare is, you first need to mention that the HSR coins function on a platform in which the principles of decentralized management with open source code are laid. In this case, the use of Hshare provides users with a field for working with cryptocurrency for exchanging operations on terms of increased security and confidentiality.

The Hshare (HSR) is a project that is represented by a product that allows you to combine different blockchains for interaction. Developers Hshare (HSR) have taken care that the level of data protection was high – it provides an opportunity to freely operate with HSR tokens and another cryptocurrency for the purchase, sale, and exchange. The creators of the Hshare project have sought to develop a unique decentralized platform, within which it will be possible to distribute accounting to ensure the interconnection of the various blockchains and maximize the effectiveness of such interaction.

For full-fledged work of the platform, it was necessary to develop the HSR cryptocurrency, which is one of the tools of the project.

The Hshare project (HSR) basic information

The Hshare project features are not only an innovative idea. The complexity of the HSR network is manifested not only in the technical elements of the system but also in the functionality for the user:

  • The innovative idea includes distributed registration both within the framework of the blockchain, and in the DAG, or acyclic graphics. This allows you to process a huge amount of information;
  • The use of Zero Knowledge Proof technology provides an increased level of confidentiality with the use of cryptographic data encryption – information about transactions is available only to users who commit them;
  • The use of the hybrid model PoS + PoW Open Governance allows users to participate in the development of the project, make proposals for changing the protocol to optimize the operation of the platform;
  • The dynamics of Hshare during voting allows the owners of the HSR altcoin to operate its assets in real-time conditions. The principles of decentralization ensure the stable operation of the project without the influence of third parties;
  • Even with the emergence of quantum computer technology, the development of Hshare ensures that quantum resistance is taken into account from the very beginning of the project development;
  • Users are able to carry out transactions with the currency of Hshare through public and private addresses of their wallets or platform tools;
  • The resiliency of Hshare increases because users are able to transfer blocks for an unlimited time, which does not depend on the speed of the flow or the size of the transaction.

The IoT is represented by the interworking of physical objects and devices that are integrated into the system through the use of software, sensors, drives and the network – this allows the use of the Hshare platform (HSR) as a field for interaction between different products for exchange and data collection.

Hshare coins and the platform with the same name can also be successfully applied to the industrial network. The organization of a global network with analytical tools and wireless technologies allows the use of meta-level network functions within distributed systems.

The growth of Hshare and the development of the project are also determined by the ability to work with “large data”. This concept includes huge amounts of information that conventional technology cannot cope with, and the project capacity is sufficient to handle such volumes that includes visualization, storage, search, analysis, exchange, transfer and much more.

The Hshare advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of creating such a global project is the developers’ attempt to establish an effective channel connecting systems that operate on the basis of completely different technologies and structures. Disadvantages of Hshare are argued by the presence of a large number of technical problems HSR, which require solutions for the effective operation of the platform, but such an idea, embodied in reality, is worthy to give the creators time to implement it. The project team includes the best minds of our time, which are the best in the field of cryptographic encryption, so sooner or later they will find a solution to all the problems that arise.

How much does the Hshare (HSR) cost?

How much does Hshare (HSR) cost? The issue is topical for current and potential investors who want to invest their money in a profitable business. As of May 2, 2018, with Hshare capitalization of more than 480 million US dollars, the price of HSR per one token is $ 11.20. The cost of Hshare in bitcoin-equivalent is 0.00122193 BTS for one coin. If you want to constantly keep track of the crypt course or want to know how much Hshare (HSR) costs now, then you will need this link –

Wallet for Hshare Currency (HSR)

The official site of Hshare provides users with the ability to track the current information about the project, the output of related products and all the innovations in the platform.

Here you can find software for working with coins HSR – the Hshare wallet. The client is presented in two versions: for devices running on the software MAC OS and Windows.

Choose the version that suits you and download the files to your device, then install the program and test the entire toolkit. You need the wallet for storing, transactions and mining of Hshare cryptocurrency. If you want to buy an HSR or sell coins, you will need to use the Hshare address, which acts as the bank card number to which the funds are sent.

Also, the receipt of tokens is possible through mining in a number of pools that support this crypto-token

Perspectives of the Hshare project

The forecast of Hshare in 2018 is made by the developers themselves, which implies technical changes in the platform to optimize it, as well as the launch of a new toolkit to expand the functionality of the project. The main perspective of Hshare (HSR) is that the project is of genuine interest to large companies of the world market who will never miss the opportunity to invest assets in a timely manner in a profitable business in order to receive multiple incomes in the future. Prospects for the development of Hshare are theoretically grandiose but practically feasible with the availability of adequate financial support. Integration of the best modern technologies for working within the framework of the blockchain and beyond their borders, as well as the unification of technologies, which were considered to be fundamentally opposite until now, is an innovative idea deserving recognition with a competent approach.

Hshare project partners

The partners supporting the work of the platform include such institutions:

  • SJTU – the company was founded in the late 19th century as an imperial school, and today it is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in China and a member of the League of C9 universities;
  • PolyU – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was founded in the middle of the 20th century and is one of the institutions that are funded by the UGC;
  • Monash University is one of the members of the eight leading Australian universities engaged in research work.

Investors of the Hshare (HSR) project

The Hshare project could not have fully developed without significant investments by large investors, including such companies:

  • Collin Star;
  • Bixin;
  • What’s Next Tech;
  • iYES Ventures;
  • REG;
  • Fintech Blockchain Group;
  • Bitmain.


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