For those users who want to conduct operations with the crypto-currencies without being tied to the time and place, an innovative purse for digital currencies has been developed – Freyvallet. The functional of the wallet allows you to conduct instant operations with crypto-currencies on the basis of the network of blockers. Using a wallet, you can also invest in promising projects.

Freewallet project basic information

Users of the wallet can create their own cryptocurrency wallets with a wide range of functions. Since early 2016, platform developers have worked diligently to expand the options available to users, while creating many platforms for working with Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Dogecoin, FantomCoin, Monero, DECENT, Lisk, NXT, Zcash, Steem, Ardor, DigitalNote, Bancor, Tether and other altcoins.

What does Freewallet offer?

The Freewallet resource provides users with the ability to manage cryptocurrency assets by using 14 wallets for coins.

To support the project, the best minds of the day are participating, which provide an optimized site work, and also help users of all groups to solve emerging issues and eliminate technical problems. Freewallet professionals also work on creating various solutions and their practical application to improve the quality of service for users of the system. High qualification of Freewallet team’s specialists and prompt response to the arising problems allow to ensure high-quality operation of the system – this is evidenced by statistics. After a lapse of one year of the project the audience of the site only increased, and also none of the users of the Freewallet functional lost any tokens.

Alvin Hugg, representing Freewallet among the global cryptocurrency market, notes that the main technical malfunctions of the system are in most cases caused by problems in the Blockchain currency, as it was with Ethereum – the network was overloaded with the excessive number of operations at the Bancor seine in June. Along with this, the founder of the Freewallet project says that all operations have been processed, and the team’s experts have been vigilantly monitoring the process of correct execution of all requests.

Freewallet platform possibilities

Thanks to the high-quality software of the platform Freedvellet, users are provided with a lot of wallets for effective work with cryptocurrencies. The settings available to customers are understandable even to the novice, and the company’s products are among the leaders of Google Play.

Developers of the project constantly follow the news in the world of cryptocurrencies and take part in the development of the most promising projects. This allows you to expand the platform functions available to users and involve a new audience. Recently, the developers of the project announced their intention to support the Bitcoin Sash project – the Bitcoin hardfork. The release of special software for working with this cryptocurrency took place recently. The application has a large set of the most precise settings for flexible work with cryptocurrency, also providing users with the highest level of security.

The developers of the project work closely with the Bitcoin developers and the Blockchain network. This allows us to provide our projects with innovative solutions and the latest software for optimal work with the cryptocurrency market. After the release of Bitcoin hardforks, one of which is Bitcoin Sash, Freewalllet software will fully function with all new platforms.

From the information received from one of the developers of the project – Alvin Hugg, it can be said that the platform is aimed at encouraging the freedom of users’ actions in the modern cryptocurrency market. All novelties, which are developed with the help of the Freewallet common platform, are supported by the company’s developers and provide free access of customers, those interested in further development.

Full information about the project Freewallet everyone can get on the official website of the company –

Here you can track the output of related products, updates and follow the news of the service.

To start working with Freewallet project functionality, the user must pass a simple and fast registration procedure, which will allow using the entire site option. To register, you can go to or go to the appropriate section on the official Freewallet website.

When working with the Blockchain, the synchronization process can take a lot of time – Freewallet provides already synchronized applications for working with cryptocurrency, which allows you to use the wallet option immediately.

The increased quality of security allows users not to focus on remembering mnemonic phrases, as Freewallet developers took care of providing confidentiality and safe use.

Most of the users’ assets are stored in the platform storage, thereby increasing the overall level of security and protection against hacking.

The system does not backup user data. In turn, customers are provided with advanced options to restore access to funds on the wallet. You’ll be able to access the tools via any other device through the links: = 6323083665621589806 for Android, for iOs.

To provide increased security of means, platform customers can use additional codes and confirmations via mobile phone number.

Electronic wallet Freyvallet is one of the most high-quality programs for working with digital currencies. Users are provided with a simple and intuitive interface for working with other applications in the Freewallet common network.

Freewallet security system

The rapid development of cryptocurrency technologies often provokes many users to conduct experiments aimed at overcoming various levels of the security system.

Recently, the issue of the preservation of confidential data and funds has become more relevant than ever. The company’s developers say that users have nothing to worry about since the system initially contains optimal measures to ensure the security of data and assets. During the development of the project, modern technological innovations are being integrated to provide even better security.

The main security problem is storing unencrypted backup keys within the user’s mobile device, which makes his own wallet vulnerable enough to the actions of scammers who can try to access the user’s phone. When the backup keys are captured, the attacker gets access to the full renewal of the wallet and all the assets stored in it.

Freewallet team specialists use an innovative approach and the most advanced developments to ensure multitasking of key storage. This is provided through the use of multi-level security systems, which represent the most effective practice implemented in the work of large corporations in the financial sector. This technique allows the Freewallet project to achieve a level of security similar to the system in the banking sector.


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