The innovative Cryptopay platform offers its users the widest opportunities for working with cryptocurrency and payments around the world. Simple and intuitive operation and flexible settings allow you to easily operate with your own funds using special payment cards.

What is Cryptopay: the key features of the project

The Cryptopay project provides its users with the widest choice of tools for working with cryptocurrency assets on the most favorable terms and with the highest level of security of means and user data.

The official website of the company is available at Here you can track news about the project and release related products.

To start, you need to go through a quick registration procedure on the service, by clicking the link Registration will give you the opportunity to store funds on your own account in the system and dispose of funds at will.

To create an account, go to, then create your own login and password. Using the service, you will be able to conduct transactions and easily make payments in the cryptocurrency and the fiat currencies.

The Cryptopay platform provides its customers with mobile applications for working with the system using a mobile phone. This feature provides you with all the tools for making payments and settlements, regardless of time and location.

For Android devices, you can download and install the client by clicking the link

Just click “Install” and run the application after the download of the files. If you own an iOS device, the service offers the installation of a Cryptopay client, adapted to work on this platform –

What does the Cryptopay project offer to its users:

  • Flex accounts – Cryptopay Flex accounts provide the ability to purchase, sell and store Bitcoin tokens in an environment of increased security and confidentiality. In addition, the wallet supports working with standard currency in euros, pounds sterling and US dollars. The account is replenished through various payment systems such as UK FPS, SEPA or by transferring funds to the Bitcoin-address;
  • Cryptopay MasterCard – working with the Cryptopay card provides an alternative and incredibly convenient way to operate with funds. In this case, the user can either replenish the account or withdraw funds to the card. There is an option for converting cryptocurrency into standard currencies;
  • Cryptopay virtual card – is used to work in virtual time and space. It provides the ability to conduct payments, replenish Bitcoin accounts, make purchases online. If you want to get a plastic card, the virtual card is instantly created, and you can immediately use it;
  • Money transfers – the platform offers worldwide money transfer services. At the same time, the transaction is carried out instantly, and commissions for portal activities are minimal;
  • Partnership – b2b cooperation opens up new horizons and opportunities to receive additional income. The project is ready to provide favorable conditions for cooperation, as well as considering proposals to optimize the Blockchain work.

The Cryptopay project is the optimal solution for operating with cryptocurrency and fiat money. High security, hedging and high-speed transactions make it an appropriate solution when choosing a product for operating cash in various interpretations.

If the online wallet is extremely simple and clear, then at work with the Cryptopay card I would like to stop and consider its features in more detail.

Procs and cons of the Cryptopay service

For an objective assessment of Cryptopay service capabilities, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of the project. Among the main advantages of the platform and payment system, we can distinguish the following:

  • The minimum amount of commission for conducting transactions;
  • Wide opportunities for the use of cryptocurrency and fiat currencies;
  • The functional is very easy to understand and practically does not differ from similar payment systems;
  • Possibility of international payments, use of SEPA protocols for transactions around the world;
  • Intuitive interface, understandable even for beginners.
  • Wide opportunities for working with cryptocurrency in a convenient format;
  • Ability to cash out or transfer funds at any convenient time.

The main disadvantages of the project are the need to pay for the issue of the card and to pay monthly service fees.

Cryptopay cards

The Cryptopay service offers users their own debit cards. They can be used as well as conventional payment cards, with a few minor differences. The funds from your account will be transferred in equivalent to the main fiat exchange currencies – the euro, the US dollar and the pound sterling. With the help of a debit card, you can pay for goods and services without reference to time and place.

Crypto cards are available in two versions:

  • Plastic cards.
  • Virtual maps.

With the help of a plastic service card, users can pay for offline purchases all over the world using POS. Also, you can cash out funds at ATMs. On the official website of the project, you can order a card for payments in any of the selected currencies. The cost of issuing the card is 15 conventional units.

Virtual Cryptopay cards can be used for online purchases and for user money transfers. To issue a card, you need to pay 2.5 conventional units.

Among the advantages of the service card, we can distinguish the following:

  • Low level of commission.
  • When issuing a card, users can arrange delivery anywhere in the world.
  • Extensive autonomous operation in the absence of a connection to the network.
  • The possibility of non-cash payments.
  • Fast and secure transactions between users of the Cryptopay platform.

To issue a card, you need to place an order in the personal account of the user of the service. Delivery to Europe will take about 5 days, in other countries – about 10. Card delivery directly to the user takes, on average, 3 days, and is paid in the amount of 70 euros or 75 US dollars.

Terms of work with Cryptopay cards

Verified users are given the opportunity to replenish the card to 20,000 conventional units per day. If the user has not been verified, then the limit is 2500 euros or US dollars for the entire period of using the card.

When cash is withdrawn from ATMs, the commission is € 2.75 or $ 3.50. The daily limit for cashing out funds is 1000 conventional units for verified users and 200 uncertified units for unverified users and up to 1000 units for the entire period of using the card. Cashing funds can be up to two times per day.

When paying, for example, a dollar card of purchases to the euro-equivalent, a commission for converting funds will be automatically withheld.

The cost of servicing Cryptopay cards is 1 euro or 1 US dollar a month.

Bounty system in the Cryptopay project

Cryptopay service offers users the opportunity to receive additional income through participation in the affiliate program. To do this, you need to register in the system as a partner and receive rewards for each involved network member. You can receive rewards for the active promotion of the Cryptopay project in social networks if the result is the joining of the user to the community. At the same time, there is no provision for payment of commissions or contributions.

To expand the Cryptopay user audience and get paid for it, it is enough to share your referral link with your friends. At the same time, a new user uses a 25% one-time discount when making a card, and you receive 10 percent of the revenue from all fees and commissions paid by a new member of the Cryptopay network.

Within the system, you can get statistics, which includes all transactions, as well as the total number of referrals, received cards and crypto tokens, which has been earned for the entire period.

To attract more users to your account, you can use the toolkit from the media kit on the official website.

The anonymity of the referral program is absolute – it means that your funds and confidential data are completely safe.

Cryptopay service team

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning those specialists, whom we are responsible for launching the Cryptopay project:

  • George Basiladze is a specialist in financial systems and analytics. He is one of the developers of the Cryptopay system, the creation of the concept of which occurred in the spring of 2013;
  • Dmitry Gunashov is a specialist in working with Blockchain technologies and an experienced developer of payment systems and electronic commerce products.

Cryptopay prospects

According to information from the developers, in the future it is planned to expand the functionality of the platform. Users will receive an expanded set of tools for their payments and transactions with third parties. The developers promise to prepare a platform for conducting P2P operations. Within the framework of this system it will be possible to make various transactions using the main account registered in the system. In addition, it is planned to launch the cloud storage, release its own cryptocurrency and much more.


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