Nowadays, the Bitcoin is the leader of the cryptocurrency market and the most expensive digital coin. A large number of companies have released over the years of the existence of this product many variations of digital clients and applications that allow the storage of cryptocurrency and conduct transactions with it. A review of the will introduce you to one of the most successful mobile application options, focused on storing and manipulating Bitcoins.

The basic information

The in certain circles is also called as the “Shilbach wallet”. This was the first application to store Bitcoins and conduct transactions, which was tied to a mobile device, such as a tablet or mobile phone. Separate attention developers paid to the security system of the device – the digital client directly connects to the general Blockchain network. This increases the level of confidentiality and excludes the access of third parties to your electronic money.

The mobile digital client has a simple and intuitive interface, so that even an inexperienced user can cope with the basic set of application functions. The interface is not burdened with a lot of unnecessary options, which allows you to quickly and accurately set up personal wallet functions.

Downloading and installing the wallet application

The official wallet website provides complete and verified information about the product. Here you can find out all the details and news about the product and the developer company, as well as download the version of the wallet client necessary for your device.

Go to the site, click “Download” after selecting the version of the application, wait for the download to finish and confirm the automatic start-up – this is the step-by-step instruction for installing wallet.

Registration of the wallet is no more complicated – follow system prompts, fill in the required fields, come up with a login and password and get a Bitcoin-address. At the same time, do not forget to create a backup copy to restore the account and prevent the loss of the funds stored on it.

The main features of the wallet

The offline cryptocurrency wallet runs on Android and iOS platforms.

The installation of the wallet and the use of its features provides you with the following:

  • The ability to pay quickly by scanning a QR code and supporting NFC;
  • Displaying the number of Bitcoins stored in the wallet in the BTS, μBTC, and mBTC;
  • The calculator to convert various currencies;
  • Creating an address book with the most frequently used addresses;
  • The possibility of making payments via Bluetooth and sending system notifications about crediting funds to the account;
  • The russian-language version of the interface.

Benefits of using Wallet

The wallet provides you with a wide range of functionality so you can safely make payments and receive money to your account without worrying about the safety of your funds. Of the merits of the wallet, we can note:

  • The possibility of joint funds control – this option allows you to authorize a transaction not only to you but also to a third party. In order to restore full control over the funds, you only need a backup or a pre-signed transaction that you send via e-mail;
  • The procedure of two-factor authorization. To allow an attacker to steal your money, he will need to have simultaneous access to several devices, which is almost impossible to do;
  • A high level of confidentiality – the capabilities of the application allow you to work with your Bitcoins within a secured data environment. Nobody can track your payments, find out the balance of your account by using fixed addresses. This is explained by the possibility and necessity of generating a new address each time you make a transaction. In this case, the application saves previously provided confidential information;
  • Use of virtual tunnels – you can work seamlessly using proxy servers and virtual tunnels such as Tor. This will not allow attackers to associate addresses with your confidential data to steal funds;
  • The dynamic commission – the application offers you the optimal commission amount, related to the size of your payment. This allows you not to think about saving and carry out transactions for the right amount.

The wallet disadvantages

Out of the drawbacks of using the wallet, only standard ones come to mind – they cannot be avoided due to the specific format of the application:

  • Centralization of verification – assumes a certain degree of confidence in a third party;
  • Remote work – the main application server is a remote type object, and synchronization gives third parties access to your data.

Receipt and sending of the cryptocurrency via the wallet

In order to receive or send any payment, the corresponding program buttons are provided in the program interface. When completing the application, the system will offer you the optimal commission depending on the number of the assets sent.

Conclusions about the wallet

The cryptocurrency wallet is easy to work with and there are no unnecessary controls. Even a novice user can cope with its functionality. A good level of security and a basic set of options is an excellent solution for those who are not particularly strong at working with digital money, but want to gain experience.


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