Most recently, the digital money market has a new product called TenX (PAY). In this article, we will tell you what TenX (PAY) is, what features this project has, the prospects for its development, which will help you understand whether it is worth investing your own money in it.

Introduction to TenX (PAY)

The TenX is a cryptocurrency platform created by Singaporean developers. The creators of the product wanted to take into account the maximum requirements of the cryptocurrency users, which led to the development of such a project, which implied not only standard ways of manipulating digital money but also the use of physical debit cards, the use of ATM functionality and other options. The TenX (PAY) cryptocurrency and its platform are not just digital assets that you operate within the network, but also real money which you can use for paying for goods and services, as well as perform all operations that you carry out with ordinary “paper” money.

If the bulk of applications for cryptocurrency gives you the ability to manage a specific type of money, mostly bitcoins, then the TenX system is designed to support several altcoins, which include Ethereum, DASH and other crypto-tokens (Bitcoin – by default).

The developers have already released TenX applications running on Android and iOS platforms.

The main disadvantages of TenX (PAY) are that the product is under development, which implies the presence of some glitches and other unpleasant moments. Beta testing is due to the youth of the project, while its creators have set themselves the goal of “less to promise – more to do”. Until now, they manage to follow their credo – the cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining momentum and popularity among users. One of the reasons for the growing love for the PAY coin is to receive a 0.5 percent reward for each transaction conducted using an application or a debit card. In the future, the developers say that this coefficient will grow to 10 percent – this will be possible with the expansion of the user audience and, accordingly, the number of operations carried out with the PAY coins.

The logical question that you want to ask is what is 1 TenX (PAY) worth. For today, May 1, 2018, one PAY coin in bitcoin equivalent equals to 0.00017387 MTC, and in dollars – 1.55. Also, you can sell your ETH-coins and get a rather large number of PAY tokens for them – 350 coins. The company-developer attracted more than 200 thousand ETH-coins in the ICO process and announced the availability of PAY coins on the exchange market. The sales volume was about 205 million tokens, while the owners of the TenX coins did not have the right to transfer the coins “from hand to hand” – so you can only buy TenX (PAY) from the company. To achieve the greatest liquidity, the developers decided to sell coins only through Bittrex, which will allow for a careful monitoring of the turnover of the cryptocurrency at the initial stage of the project.

Features of the TenX (PAY)

The use of this cryptocurrency allows not only to operate it in the network but also to apply it in various real-life spheres. The creators give you the opportunity to use debit cards: now the wallet of TenX (PAY) is compatible with all existing crypto assets, and the decentralized operation of the system provides an appropriate level of security for your funds and the ability to join any block. The COMIT protocol is securely protected by cryptographic and allows for a variety of transactions.

When developing the project, TenX specialists (PAY) set themselves the goal of creating a product that can be useful not only in virtual but also in the real world. The unique infrastructure offers you ample opportunities not only for earnings at exchange rate fluctuations but also for paying for products, utilities, entertainment and other needs. Now the connection between physical and virtual money platforms has become as close to reality as possible.

You can use a TenX debit card and a wallet – these digital clients are financed by various cryptocurrencies and are compatible with all block assets. In this case, the TenX (PAY) address will guarantee the reliability of transactions and security of funds. In simple words, the TenX (PAY) address is your personal address, which helps money “find” the path to your account. By the way, TenX (PAY) is compatible with MasterCard and VISA cards, which will be a pleasant surprise for fans of more real money.

For your information: you can also freely convert your assets from one currency to another – while the decentralized operation of the system prevents the risk of theft of funds.

The TenX (PAY) wallet

The official TenX (PAY) site is offers a product called The TenX Wallet.

This application is for mobile devices, which allows you to operate with your own funds, stored both in online storage and on a debit card. The principle of operation is standard for cryptocurrency wallets: install the application, go through the registration, authorize and use all the proposed features.

The TenX (PAY) conclusions

This product has every chance to go to the forefront since the developers decided to unite the real and virtual money worlds, which no one has done so far. The functionality that is offered today is quite convenient and easy to handle, but TenX (PAY) is a cryptocurrency, which will have a thorny path to glory. This is due to the presence of a large number of competitors in the exchange market.


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