The Power Ledger project (POWR) is a product of specialists in different fields that provide energy resources for companies and individuals to work within the framework based on Blockchain.

Power Ledger project basic facts

Power Ledger – the brainchild of the works of developers with the participation of many consultants in various fields of energy resources and business. The best specialists in the IT sphere and modern energy unite and created a project to finance independent energy sources – they pay special attention to the software of the project. They applied the latest and most effective approaches to the distribution of energy resources among network users. The framework envisages the participation of third-party companies and energy resources producers, which expands opportunities for financing promising ideas.

Using Power Ledger means working with progressive management applications, including the P2P client, which allows large companies to conduct trading activities within the framework based on Blockchain.

The Power Ledger development provides an opportunity to use a Blockchain application, which is based on mechanisms for trading and other activities within the cryptocurrency market, taking into account the interests of both sellers and buyers of goods and services. The complexity of the Power Ledger framework makes it possible to trade surplus energy resources, which are produced by residential and commercial buildings, including multi-block and multi-apartment buildings. They are characterized by interconnection with the existing energy distribution system or within micro networks. The POWR currency and the project of the same name allow the network participants to independently control the consumption of energy resources. The values ​​of the already functioning distribution networks remain saved.

POWR coin and platform provide the ability to monitor all energy units that pass from the moment of generation to the points of consumption of power capacities within the structure when generating resources or selling them to consumers through the use of a local power distribution network.

POWR tokens interact with grid energy resources within a platform based on Blockchain technology – transactions are combined with monitored energy consumption points, creating a financial network that allows investments in renewable energy resources to be carried out in a safe environment with the simplicity of the entire scheme. The growth of Power Ledger and the expansion of the network provides users of the platform and asset holders to make decisions regarding the sale of resources and the assignment of their optimal cost. Users of POWR cryptocurrency and energy asset holders can make their own decisions at the time of resource realization and their current value. The sale of surplus energy resources is made through the use of a distribution network, which allows guaranteeing the security conditions for the DNSP income stream.

The developers of the Power Ledger altcoin and the site where the tokens work allow investors and asset holders of integrating production technologies oriented towards renewable energy sources to receive income from excess energy resources through maximum amounts of personal investment in technological development.

The official Power Ledger site – and the community – provide users with ample opportunities to interact with other users and consumers of resources on the market, including users who do not have the opportunity to purchase costly advance commitments to work with energy resources.

The key features of the Power Ledger project

Features of the Power Ledger system, focused on the availability of energy resources on the basis of the Blockchain, are based on the following principles:

  • P2P trading – data from Power Ledger application allows retailers to interact with the consumer if they can independently regulate their relationships, allowing them to choose energy resources, set the optimal price, the terms of the deal, and much more;
  • Network clients – digital applications allow instantaneous measurement of energy resources, handle a huge amount of information, conduct multiple microtransactions and manage the system;
  • Base for the general digital market – relative client is focused on maximum optimization and network management for aggregation of data, mailing and other functional use;
  • Autonomous assets management – this option is designed for joint disposal and trading of different energy resources with the distribution of revenues at the user addresses;
  • OCRP – an innovative program for processing information about transactions in real time, using the Open Charge Point protocol;
  • Believe point is a common system for automating the operation of the platform. It is provided with maximum protection against interference and attacks on confidential information of users;
  • Carbon trading – provides an effective interaction of the Blockchain technology with transactions and other information about users or companies;
  • Quality and fast processing of incoming data, support for certification and reporting.
  • Neo-retail trade – smart trade ensures the profitability of Power Ledger and opens new horizons for user interaction. At the same time, instant settlements and conclusion of deals ensure the most comfortable cooperation.

Power Ledger project prospects

According to the developers, the prospects for the further development promise users a consistent and rapid launch of product packages to optimize the site:

  • Development and launch of applications – Users can develop their own applications for trading and do business through the international digital market.
  • Loyalty program – a program with personal cooperation proposals, aimed at producers of energy resources;
  • Marketing activities – in connection with the development of various digital frameworks, the network will be aimed at a more massive improvement and popularization;
  • Beta testing – this test will be exposed to new digital products – Carbon Trading and Neo-Retailer;
  • Integration into the social Blockchain – the system will be adapted to work with the Proof-of-Stake algorithm;
  • Potential use – PowerPort digital client beta testing with various useful functions and features will end;
  • New projects support – developers of new products based on the Power Ledger framework will be supported in their development and awarded for their contribution to the main platform;
  • An innovative network – according to forecasts Power Ledger in 2018 will work with an inconclusive Consortium Ethereum network;
  • Promoting events – large-scale products created on the basis of the platform will be used to conduct various activities aimed at developing the network. In this case, the owners of POWR coins will receive a priority status, which will allow them to become one of the first participants of the innovative digital platform.

POWR сryptocurrency сost

The main tokens of the project are the POWR cryptocurrency. They function on the basis of Blockchain and represent a standard cryptocurrency with the non-standard and innovative application of its capabilities. The given question is actual for potential investors and wishing to receive the income in the long term. As of February 20, 2019, the price is 0.757278 USA dollars per coin.

The cost of POWR can also be expressed in different equivalents: the price of POWR in Bitcoins is 0.00006613 BTC per unit, and in Ethereum – 0.000080868 ETH. Cryptocurrency current capitalization value is almost 278 millions dollars USA.

If you want to know how much it costs POWR now, the latest information about the rates of the cryptocurrency can be found at the link –

The Power Ledger project team

The Power Ledger project team is highly qualified and experienced specialists in various fields of business and science who have cooperated their knowledge and efforts to create a modern and progressive product:

  • Bill Ty;
  • Sebastian Quinn-Watson;
  • Gemma Green;
  • David Martin;
  • John Bulich;
  • Gov Van Ik;
  • Jenny Conroy;
  • Nuno Martins;
  • Mark Griffiths;
  • Vinod Thiwari;
  • Christian Mire;
  • Sheri Yip;
  • Alasdair Penman;
  • James Eggleston;
  • Megan Kojokar.

Power Ledger projections

The Power Ledger project is a progressive and innovative project that has every chance to become a powerful framework for working with Blockchain technology and energy resources. This is possible provided that the pace of development is maintained or accelerated and if there is an appropriate amount of investment in the project.

Conclusions about the Power Ledger system

The Power Ledger project and the cryptocurrency are a new way of applying Blockchain technologies for the benefit of humanity. If earlier the cryptocurrency was only a virtual asset, today it is experiencing a new round of evolution, becoming closer to real life and acquiring new opportunities for use. Blockchain integrated to the energy resources market are the concept and perspective of Power Ledger. The developers are trying to optimize the framework for maximum efficiency and provide mutually beneficial cooperation conditions for all categories of network users.


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