Karbowanec (KRB) is a free exchange network and the same cryptocurrency, which operate on the basis of the CryptoNote Blockchain. The optimal functionality provides users of the system the ability to operate comfortably in a secure and confidential environment.


The Karbowanec project and the KRB cryptocurrency are a Peer-to-Peer exchange network that operates on the principles of decentralized management in the absence of a centralized issuer. At the same time, users are provided with conditions of increased security and confidentiality, as well as the anonymity of transactions without third-party interference.

Karbowanec (KRB) basic information

The name of the Karbowanec project is the use of the name of a once Ukrainian monetary unit, which involuntarily causes people to associate with valuable assets, which makes it easier to perceive the product. Karbowanec coins are represented by digital money, functioning on the basis of Blockchain technologies – this allows users to manage their funds in a secure and confidential manner.

Karbowanec altcoin and its system – abbreviated to Karbo – operate on the basis of a decentralized network and provide the absence of third-party interference in project management, government and banking structures involved and intermediation. It allows Karbowanec developers to offer platform users the most comfortable conditions for activities. Using Karbowanec provides the use of cryptographic encryption and other options to effectively protect user data from fraudulent activities.

Prospects and development plan for the Karbowanec project

The official site of Karbowanec is http://karbo.io. It provides users with complete and up-to-date information about the project. On the website, you can track the news of the project, the output of related products.

Also, the clients of the network are provided with an additional resource http://karbowanec.com. Within its framework users are supplied with up-to-date data. Soon planned the launch of the Karbowanec currency fund website – https://karbo.foundation. Its work is focused on informing potential users to expand the audience of the platform participants.

The development of Karbowanec provides users with:

  • Optimized code;
  • Long-term technical support;
  • Designer skins for clients;
  • Social channels for interaction between network users;
  • An advertising campaign for the popularization of the Karbowanec project and KRB coins.

In the near future, according to the developers of the project, Karbowanec dynamics promises us the output of a large number of functional for the most comfortable work with assets:

  • Lite Desktop Wallet – the client will function through the use of remote nodes while focusing on the availability and simplicity for ordinary users without special skills;
  • Web-wallet for working with cryptocurrency – the client will work on the algorithm of complexity Zawy v6. This will ensure that network members have maximum protection against hacker attacks;
  • Ability to update algorithms to optimize the operation of the Karbowanec project.

The source code is fully accessible to all users on GitHub – https://github.com/seredat/karbowanec.

Main features of the Karbowanec project

Karbowanec features consist in the fact that the project is based on the Austrian Economics School principles – the emphasis is put on the spontaneity of the organizing the price mechanism, while the degree of complexity of the subjective behavior of a person interacts with the precise mathematical modeling of a progressive market and makes it unworkable. At the same time, the effectiveness of minimum compulsory influence when working with commercial assets is noted. It allows achieving stability and welfare in the economic sphere.

The perspective of Karbowanec is that the project is positioned as a progressive, modern and innovative way of working with digital assets. At the same time, the cost of KRB is formed exclusively on the basis of the user demand in the cryptocurrency market, which determines the profitability of Karbowanec. The complexity of the Karbowanec network is ensured by the built-in algorithm – this ensures the regular formation of new blocks, for which miners receive a reward equivalent to Karbowanec tokens for providing technical capacities to optimize the operation of the Karbowanec system. Mining of the Karbowanec cryptocurrency is not expensive because its implementation is possible even on standard equipment without the need to purchase high-tech resources.

It is necessary to note the use of ring signatures to ensure anonymity of work – this allows you to hide user confidential data from other network members and use the new Karbowanec address every time you request a payment.

Carrying out transactions in the Karbowanec system is carried out in full confidentiality – this means that no one except the owner of assets and wallet can track the balance, transaction information, amounts and other data. Thanks to this, the growth of Karbowanec and the popularity of the project earn additional points to the rating. Additional functionality in the form of using cryptographic encryption improves security indicators and does not allow to identify owners of transaction signatures. At the same time, as the number of participants in the operation increases, the level of confidentiality increases. The relationship between transactions is excluded, as well as their tracking. Using a special variation of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol ensures that funds are sent to specific addresses when there is no possibility of merging operations.

Another perspective of the development of Karbowanec is the use of the principle of interchangeability in the system, which allows achieving uniformity of KRB tokens in contrast to Bitcoin. This excludes the possibility of applying censorship to assets and transactions.

Current KRB cryptocurrency cost

This issue is relevant for users who are interested in investing in the future. As of February 21, 2018, the price of KRB is $ 1.19 for a token, which is 0.00010829 BTC in Bitcoin equivalent. If you want to know how much Karbowanec costs now, the latest information about the KRB coin rate is available at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/karbowanec/.

Capitalization of the Karbowanec cryptocurrency

We must mention that KRB’s capitalization is more than 6.5 million US dollars as of February 21, 2018. In Bitcoin-expression this volume is about 582 BTC.

How to get the KRB cryptocurrency

And now we got to the practical part of the review – here we will tell potential cryptocurrency users how to get Karbowanec. The main ways that you can buy KRB or get it to your balance are:

  • Stock exchanges trading;
  • Using a faucet;
  • Cryptocurrency mining.

When working with system tokens, you will need your own Karbowanec wallet in any case. This will allow you both to buy Karbowanec and to carry out any other operations with coins. At the same time, you can always access your funds from any device, because the Karbowanec system offers different versions of the client for downloading to both mobile and stationary devices. Choose the right version of the application by clicking on the link http://karbowanec.com/download/ and installing the client to use all the functionality of the network.

At the moment, the Karbowanec network provides the possibility of using only a paper wallet http://paperwallet.karbowanec.com/en/

The problems of Karbowanec are incomplete security because it is a full-fledged analog of the standard wallet, which stores your “paper” money. The loss of a printed wallet does not bode well for its owner.

Where to get the KRB cryptocurrency?

When working with any cryptocurrency in the exchanges, you should always watch out the course. Find out how much KRB costs now you can on the website http://karbowanec.com/ticker/. It is also necessary to always use the Payment ID provided by the exchange.

Among the exchanges that support the KRB cryptocurrency, there are:

  • Crytopia;
  • Livecoin;
  • BTC Trade UA.

Also, the partners of Karbowanec are shops that provide users with the ability to pay for goods and services in the equivalent of KRB tokens:

  • Only Wood;
  • TIX24;
  • CryptoGames;
  • Krb.tel.top;
  • Estella;
  • BS-Alliance;
  • Aroma;
  • 1010..ua;
  • Blueberry Agency and others.

The next way to get the KRB cryptocurrency is to use the resources of the Karbowanec site. The faucet.karbowanec.com allows you to get free Karbovanians by visiting the platform daily.

The mining of KRB cryptocurrency allows users to mine both in solo variant and in pools. Download the necessary software for mining and try your hand, or rather the strength of your technical capabilities in the production of KRB coins. The list of pools can be found here – The list of mining pools.

Advantages of the Karbowanec project

The main advantages of the project and the eponymous cryptocurrency are:

providing users with confidentiality and anonymity;

  • Work in conditions of safety and freedom of action;
  • Absence of intermediaries and regulators in activities within the framework of the Karbowanec platform;
  • Availability and openness of the technical details of the Karbowanec project, which allows auditing the code for all those who wish;
  • Free operation of Karbo wallet;
  • The possibility of investing funds “for the future”.

The conclusion of the project Karbowanec

Karbowanec forecast for 2018 cannot be called unambiguous because due to increased competition in the cryptocurrency market, developers need to try very hard to make the KRB possible to take its niche and successfully develop in future. At the same time, the Karbowanec project is not devoid of rationality and is gradually gaining its user base.


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