The Einsteinium (EMC2) innovative project is a Blockchain network, which is focused on raising funds for investing in research. Progressive minds are supported by cryptocurrency assets, which allows them to make new discoveries.

About Einsteinium (EMC2)

Einsteinium (EMC2) is an innovative project from professionals specializing in the development of products based on Blockchain technologies. Einsteinium cryptocurrency and the eponymous project are created to raise funds, which are subsequently invested in scientific research. Custom payments from the mining of Einsteinium cryptocurrency create an asset fund that allows worthy applicants to receive grants and conduct large-scale scientific work.

Einsteinium developers some time ago united in order to finance the grant – this opens the project prospects for obtaining much more funds than those that will be invested in the work of science specialists requiring support. The development of Einsteinium consists precisely in such decisions and steps: this opens up a wide potential for the Einsteinium currency system, as sales of coins increase, the EMC2 coin rating increases, and the user audience of the project expands.

At the moment, Einsteinium coins have been invested in various studies and projects in the amount of 16 million tokens.

The main emphasis of the activity of developers of cryptocurrency and platform was made on the charitable goals of the project. The EMC2 Tokens are directly linked to a charitable foundation that finances promising projects in the IT sector and scientific developments. In addition, scientific research projects may in the future lead to a significant level of profit. At the same time, the well-being of the whole world and of humanity is brought to the forefront. In recent years, the financing of big ideas and projects has become a problem – Einsteinium is created to provide progressive specialists with opportunities to develop their potential and implement projects. Using Einsteinium as a funding resource allows you to overcome the limitations on the participation of projects in the support of scientific works. While users applying for material support of the project, they should have a full package of arguments clearly confirming project’s existence, as well as the rationality of its development.

Also, the developers of the Einsteinium system apply this principle of operation to reach a wider user audience – EMC2 altcoin and the related system is oriented not only to the mining community but also to the exchange market. To successfully develop the project and eliminate the shortcomings of Einsteinium, it is very important that the network functions not only within its own ecosystem, but also interacts with the exchange community.

The complexity of the Einsteinium network makes it possible to realize a truly grandiose and promising project aimed at changing the world for the better. This project will also affect the cryptocurrency outside the digital assets world.

The basic information about the project is available on the official website of Einsteinium –

Here you can monitor the latest information, network news, and the output of related products.

With each successful extraction of block while mining, the company’s fund devolves 2 percent of the remuneration. Each Epoch has 36000 blocks of tokens, and its duration is 25 days. Upon the completion of each epoch, the conditions and the direction of funding change.

The main features of the Einsteinium project (EMC2)

Features of the project consist in the fact that the system is similar to Bitcoin represents a peering token, which is issued in the absence of premiums and rewards. Einsteinium’s profitability will be realized on the basis of an innovative development of a system called Wormhole Mechanics, through which the remuneration of permanent network miners will be paid. In this case, Wormhole events are random for each epoch with a frequency of 180 blocks with a reward rate of about 2970 EMC2-tokens per block.


The principle of crowdfunding is part of the system – thanks to it, fundamental ideas are supported in various fields.

Source code

The open source provides each user with the opportunity to audit and make suggestions for optimizing the operation of the Einsteinium system.

EMC2 tokens

The EMC2 coins are produced by the fund of the main system, which is created to raise funds for funding scientific ideas and projects. The work of the EMC2 crypt is based on the proof of the script or Proof-of-Work. At the same time, 2.5 percent of the funds received from the production of each block are allocated to the fund of the network, 2 percent are allocated for the financing of scientific projects, and 5 percent are allocated for the marketing campaign, charity and issuing various publications.

Prospects and development plan for the Einsteinium project (EMC2)

This idea is a new approach to the development of the Blockchain network. The dynamics of EMC2 demonstrates the rapid growth of Einsteinium project in the shortest possible time, since very many specialists need support and will resort to the financing of the company to implement their projects.

Prospects for the development of Einsteinium, announced by the developers of the project, promise users a consistent output of such system products:

  • Cryptocurrency web wallets;
  • Mobile client for working with EMC2-tokens;
  • The own API;
  • EMC2Me-platform for scientific development on the basis of the Blockchain;
  • Weee… – a social network for users of the Einsteinium site;
  • Super Wallet – a wallet for working with a credit line and settlements;
  • 4YOUEMC2 – marketplace for network users;
  • Einsteinium SDK – software for project developers;
  • Einsteinium Debit Card – a debit card for working with EMC2 tokens in different directions;
  • Einsteinium Awards – an annual event from the foundation, which will be awarded grants for the development of projects.

The actual cost of Einsteinium cryptocurrency (EMC2)

Before talking about what is equal to 1 EMC2, you first need to understand the specifics of the Einsteinium system tokens. Einsteinium cryptocurrency ecosystem is created not only for work within the network but also for going beyond the world of digital money and popularization of tokens in the real world with their direct application. As already mentioned above, the cryptocurrency is based on the PoW algorithm.

How much does Einsteinium cost? As of February 15, 2018, the cost of EMC2 is 0.00004342 BTC. The price of Einsteinium-tokens may fluctuate during the development of the project and the growth of its rating. If you want to find out how much EMC2-coins cost now, then you can get this information via the link –

Capitalization of the EMC2 cryptocurrency

The developers plan to release about 299 million EMC2 tokens. At the same time, the capitalization of Einsteinium on February 15, 2018 is more than 91 million US dollars.

How to buy or earn EMC2 cryptocurrency

How to get Einsteinium? You can either buy EMC2 on the exchange or become the owner of coins through mining.

In any case, to work with the cryptocurrency you will need the Einsteinium wallet. It works by the standards of similar Bitcoins-wallets – go in, register, create an account, get the address of Einsteinium and operate the EMC2 tokens in the direction you need. To buy EMC2 or sell system tokens, you only need to complete a few simple steps. We will not dwell on this procedure, since a huge number of publications providing step-by-step illustrated instructions are devoted to working with cryptocurrency wallets.

Where you can buy Einsteinium cryptocurrency

Here we list the pools for EMC2 mining, as well as a list of exchanges where you can quickly and profitably own the EMC2 tokens:

  • Mining pools: Supernova, Hash-to-Coins, Chainworks Industries Pool;
  • Exchange-exchangers: Poloniex, Cryptopia, Bittrex, Upbit.

Forecasts for the Einsteinium cryptocurrency

Forecasts for Einsteinium for 2018 can be considered positive and promising, since the system is not focused on a separate niche in the cryptocurrency world, but on the global reach of the user audience all over the world, including such areas as science, IT, medicine, education and much more. The Einsteinium project represents a new stage in the evolution of the Blockchain that integrate cryptocurrency into the real world.

The Einsteinium project team

Finally it is worthwhile to acquaint you with specialists who need to be thanked for developing a promising and innovative project called Einsteinium:

  • Jonathan Laisir;
  • Malden Trifunovic;
  • Ryan Wright;
  • Eric Calder;
  • Vladan Bozilovich;
  • Milos Milic;
  • Ivan Moisilovich;
  • Milos Stosic;
  • Roberto Quaglia;
  • Milika Stankovic;
  • Alexander Kubiak;
  • Daniel Sremak.


The Einsteinium (EMC2) system is a progressive Blockchain product that opens up a lot of opportunities for users and new horizons for realizing their ideas. The idea of the developers allows scientists and specialists of various spheres to get financing for projects to improve the future of all mankind. With this approach, digital assets will acquire a new role and become not only virtual money, but will also benefit in the real world.


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