The successful development of almost every type of business depends on how much the product produced by the company meets the needs of consumers. However, in the modern world, this is not enough because the produced product must also be competitive.

Similar rules apply also in the field of production of devices for the extraction of digital currency. In this area, you need to constantly monitor the products of competitors, and more carefully than in any other industry. This is due to the fact that the equipment for digitizing currency development is developing very quickly, and the models of miners released relatively recently may be already old and ineffective. Therefore, in order to ensure that companies engaged in the production of such devices do not lose their positions in the market, they constantly need to offer consumers new, more advanced products.

Antminer S9 market entry history

All the features mentioned above can be applied to the BitMain company, which today is one of the leaders in the production of miners. The line of company’s devices for the extraction of digital currency under the name Antminer is widely known among the mining community and is in high demand.

At a time when information about the release of a new generation of chips from BitMain appeared in the mining community, in the serial production was a model of devices called Antminer S7, which was produced for about 6 months. In this case, the main competing companies – such as BW, Bitfury, and Avalon – were already at the final stage of creating devices using 16 nm chip. Even the slightest delay could have driven the leading BitMain company to the last position. The company didn’t hurry and decided to perfect its mining equipment.

Throughout the time until the official information was provided to specialized media, there were many different rumors regarding the new BitMain products. After the official press release, it became known that BitMain’s solution was right, as the finalizing the device allowed to increase the level of energy efficiency of the BM1387 chips to 0.1 W/Th/s. Simply put, this indicator increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous miner. The performance level of the new device was 13 Th/s. This figure was achieved by increasing the power of ASIC. Initially, the company planned to reach 14 Tx/s, but the chips were overheated, which meant that the power had to be reduced.

Overview of the Antminer S9 Miner

For those who previously dealt with Antminer devices, getting a new S9 will bring a slightly negative impression, as the appearance is absolutely identical to the previous model. However, if you study the device in more detail, you can see differences in wiring layouts. The body remained the same, but this is more a dignity than a defect.

The case of Antminer S9 is made of aluminum, which is an indisputable advantage, as the level of heat dissipation is increased. The device is also equipped, like the S7 model, with a sled, which allows installing of absolutely any number of devices in a horizontal position. As before, hash boards are inserted into special slits without special effort.

However, let the external similarity does not mislead users since the presence of power in 13 Th/s in one device is really impressive. So, for example, earlier to achieve such a power it was necessary to stack several shelves with such devices.

However, immediately after receiving the device, it is not recommended to start it. You should carefully check that everything remains in place after a long journey of the parcel from China.

Turning on the device

Before switching to the inclusion of the miner, it must be correctly installed. The installation of the device must be carried out so that the blowing fan, located farthest from the control board, is not directed towards the wall. To connect the miner to the electrical network, you can use absolutely any outlet, since its power slightly differs from that of conventional household appliances such as an electric kettle or an iron.

Then pay attention to the controller board. On the right side of the board, there are 2 indicators called “Normal” and “Fault”. However, these indicators do not work simultaneously. In most cases, the owner of the device can watch the “Normal” indicator blinking, confirming communication with the pool and normal operation of the device. In case of the second indicator light, we recommend not to worry, since it informs that the work will be soon debugged.

The device has a dedicated slot for the SD-card, which allows you to upgrade the device. Also, if necessary, the owner can use the Reset button, resetting the device parameters to standard ones. This button is used in most cases with an improperly configured connection to the Internet, which prevents the connection of the miner to the network.

Before turning on the power, you should carefully check the correctness and reliability of connecting.

After starting the miner will show its owner the maximum noise level, including all of its fans at full capacity. This process is necessary in order to purge the shell of the device. Immediately after the fans are silent, the device will greet his owner with a pleasant flashing of the “Normal” light. For a DHCP server, searching and additional sets of the specialized subnet parameters will not take a lot of time.

The address of the ASIC chip can be obtained by resorting to the following methods:

  • See the server clients list;
  • Recourse to IP Reporter;
  • Use specialized soft for scanning.

Then the owner of the miner will be available to enter to the main interface. It resembles the interfaces inherent in previously released Antminer models. However, there is one difference in it: it became even simpler by eliminating unnecessary settings from the developers’ point of view.

There are also new tabs – Upgrade and Network. Second allows you making changes to web settings. However, in order not to complicate your life, it is better not to touch this tab.

Antminer S9 settings

At first, the device owner must register on one of the pools. He should take into account that the selection of pools is relatively small – that’s because of the using its own version of the Startum protocol in devices manufactured by BitMain.

You can disassemble the following actions in the example of a pool called Antpool. The owner must complete the registration process, which is very convenient due to the presence of the Russian-language interface. After specifying all the necessary data, the owner of the miner will be able to go to his private office. If the digital currency acquirer visits this pool for the first time, he will need to create an account for the extraction of digital currency.

Then you need to go back to the miner settings and replace the “antminer” word in the interface with the name of the account you created earlier, while registering the pool. The next step is to save the settings. In the field “Worker” you don’t need to change anything. The password is also recommended to remain unchanged.

Also, we recommend paying attention to the checkbox located near the inscription about the termination of the device in case its temperature is more than 80 degrees. This flag is recommended not to be removed in order to protect the board from overheating. Also, as a safety measure, you can set a constant fan speed. This is done in the box below. This action is only permissible if the room temperature is maintained at the same level.

To overclock the device, experts recommend using several power supplies. So, one of the hashing cards can be connected not to the native, but to the third-party power supply.

In the event that all actions were performed correctly and all parameters were saved, the miner will reboot. After that, the device will begin to extract virtual currency for its owner. The owner can monitor the enrichment process in the special tab Miner Status. It is recommended to follow the process of tracking statistics at regular intervals. So, it’s best to monitor the extraction process at the beginning of work and every hour when the device’s operation will be stable.

In the event of a deviation of more or less than 5 percent of the speed declared by the manufacturer, you should not be happy or disappointed in advance. The device owner should closely monitor not only the performance level, but also the Stale, Rejected and HW indicators. The lower these figures, the better.

Power and cooling system

The cooling system and power supply are the most important aspects of digital currency production devices. And if the device of this type is used at home, these aspects should not be underestimated. No matter how powerful the device is, but the constantly emanating noise from it and a large amount of consumed electricity can negatively affect the owner’s impressions.

The power supply for the Antminer S9 – APW3-12-1600-B2 is a standard proprietary device in a standard case with ten 6-pin connectors. In addition, the power supply has several contacts for monitoring and a power button.

When operating the unit, it demonstrates itself from the best side. The level of its efficiency is approximately 93 percent, which is a confirmation of the low level of loss with strong heating of the miner. However, the noise of the unit’s cooling units is often even louder than the noise of the fans used to cool the chip, even though they have a higher power. In the event that you use several power supplies to operate the 1st device, you should pay attention to the fact that no more than one block must be connected to one card. Otherwise, the owner risks losing his miner.

The ASIC chip cooling system does not produce the most pleasant sound. It is quite difficult to be in the same room with two 120 mm fans operating at a speed of 6000 revolutions since at this speed the devices emit a piercing howl that is not pleasant to everyone.

The interconnection between temperature and performance

After some time working with this device, owners begin to notice a direct connection between the temperature and performance of the device. In those cases where the temperature in the room does not exceed 20 degrees, then to ensure that the chips and the board does not heat up much, it’s very simple. At a chip temperature of less than 75 and a board less than 45 degrees, the device has the performance level specified by BitMain.

In a case of the device’s temperature rises – the performance level will start to decrease immediately. In addition, along with the increase in temperature, the number of errors increases, which is denoted as HW. However, these errors appear all the time. The owner should begin to worry when their number in an hour will be several thousand. In this case, the occurrence of errors is caused by the absence of an ASIC response to a request coming from the controller. In addition, a large number of errors can occur in the event of a failure of even a single chip.

Noise reduction

Annoying hum, inherent in the devices Antmain S9, cannot leave anyone indifferent. The manufacturer has clearly put overly powerful devices for cooling the miner. In reality, even 2/3 of the power of these fans is enough for the stable operation of the Antminer S9 at an ambient temperature of 40 degrees. Moreover, the entire fan speed, which is higher than these 2/3, has no effect on the cooling quality.

It is much easier for large virtual currency miners to provide the optimal temperature and sound insulation in the room, but for those who have no more than 2 devices, it is much more difficult to cope with the task of cooling and a loud roar. It is simply impossible to be in the same room with such loud devices, and their location in the next room without proper soundproofing will not save you either. Also, do not forget about the fans used for cooling in power supplies. The latter types of fans work much quieter, so you should not be worried about their noise level.

Owners of miners, engaged in the extraction of virtual currency at home, can reduce the noise level by replacing standard fans with less powerful ones. So, the ideal replacement option is the Delta AFC1212DE fans. These fans have the same size as the factory models, and their rotation speed is exactly 1/3 less, but most importantly – this fan proved to be the most effective. With the same fan speed, the chip temperature is lower when using Delta AFC1212DE. In addition, the level of its noise is significantly lower than that of a standard fan.

General impressions

Getting acquainted with the device for extracting the virtual currency Antminer S9 is quite positive, despite the desire to replace the fans to reduce noise.

Miner occupies a relatively small space, while providing high power, has a high level of energy efficiency, and a high-quality cooling system. The advantages of the device also include autonomy, ease of setting parameters, as well as the ability to combine several miners into a single farm. Also you cannot forget about the high-quality power supply.

The disadvantage of this device is the high noise level, which calls into question the possibility of its use at home. Another disadvantage is the use of a low-quality hot melt adhesive, due to which during the transportation of the device its parts can fall away. The only difference with the device is its compatibility with only two Chinese pools.

However, the company may soon correct all of the above shortcomings. Therefore, the Antminer miner is a fairly high-quality device that can be used to extract digital currency.


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