In the next article we will get acquainted with one of the leaders of the modern digital money market – NEO. Token appeared quite recently and is an example of a successful rebranding of the well-known in Asia and around the world cryptocurrencies – Antshares. Software developers made the main emphasis on the possibility of proof of assets ownership. This condition allows to carry out transactions in the absence of any legal interference in the conduct of user transactions, the funds transfer and other.

It is impossible to call NEO coin a completely new token in the general market, since it is a transformed Antshares. Many experts call NEO a Chinese version of Ethereum. Below we will consider all the main opportunities and advantages provided by the cryptocurrency and the platform of the same name

Cryptocurrency is part of the general NEO project. If you are an active platform user, you can vote for certain ideas to improve the overall performance of the project.

NEO Coin’s Forum Info

During the development of the project, we took into account all the weaknesses of Bitcoin. Due to this, NEO coins are much more functional and convenient for calculations. The innovative “smart transactions” system allows for transfers between users at a completely new level. The technical perfection of the project attracted a lot of investors. According to the latest forecasts of experts, within three years NEO has all chances to become an official part of the Chinese electronic economy. Due to the presence of “smart contracts”, transactions between users of the system are fully protected. In modern conditions of cyberattacks on electronic exchanges and hacking of user wallets, this makes NEO a coin very promising for investments and recognition at the official level

This cryptocurrency is extremely popular in Asian countries, especially in China. A professional development team is constantly making great efforts to bring NEO coins to the official level of general recognition. And with each update platform, the Chinese government is increasingly considering the project as a future part of Chinese e-commerce. In the future NEO coins can become an official part of the electronic payment system in the country. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the network operation has significantly stabilized, allowing several transactions to be carried out simultaneously, and the transaction time itself takes about 1 second. Taking into account the minimal commissions within the system, the project can soon reach the leading positions in the global cryptocurrency market.

Also, working conditions on the NEO platform do not allow both parties to the transaction to violate the terms of the transaction. Thanks to this, the level of security of electronic payments within the system is greatly increased.

The main differences between Ethereum and NEO

Since many compare NEO and Eterium, it will be appropriate to consider the main differences between the two cryptocurrencies. NEO coins are significantly different from their “ancestor”, especially such functions:

  • Advanced Blockchain algorithm for expanding the capabilities of working with different platforms and projects.
  • Adaptation to traditional programming languages, which expands the possibilities of upgrades.
  • Active involvement of new users and an established remuneration system for active participation in the development of the system.

How to get NEO Coin?

The main question to which this article is devoted is how to earn NEO Coin. Up to some time, the developers planned to launch the crowdfunding campaign, but faced the state ban. For now, ICO remains in doubt and cannot be considered as a way of purchasing coins. Mining NEO Coin is not carried out, therefore the only source of coins are cryptocurrency stock exchanges, where you can buy NEO Coin. The process of acquiring the NEO token is analogous to the exchange operations with other altcoins:

  1. Create a wallet on the resources for operating with electronic money;
  2. Replenish the account of your wallet;
  3. Create a cryptocurrency wallet;
  4. Choose a stock exchange for cryptocurrencies monitoring and track the most profitable course for buying;
  5. Fill out an exchange application, considering the amount of the transaction commission;
  6. Create a wallet for NEO Coin;
  7. Using the exchange resources, similarly exchange the purchased cryptocurrency for NEO coins.

Wallet for NEO Coin

To work with NEO coin you need a specific application for storing funds. The developers took care of creating an own NEO wallet.

In this case, you need to download the client from a trusted source – like the official site of NEO Coin –

Here is the actual information from the source. Also, you can track the release of updates and related products to improve usability with the use of platform resources. You are offered several versions of wallets for NEO Coin:

  • Version for devices running on the Android platform;

  • Version for Windows-based devices;
  • Version for fixed devices for Linux and Windows platforms;

  • Version, recommended for use by developers, for devices running on Linux, OSX, Windows platforms;
  • Web Wallets to work within the browser. Website –

When attempting to download a mobile application from the official site, the system will redirect you to the link

Here you will find the latest version of the client for your gadget.

Working with the wallet involves using the Neo address. NEO-address is the address of your wallet that routes the funds sent to your account. You will indicate it when making deals for the exchange, purchase, and sale of coins.

GAS tokens

Separately, it is necessary to say about the internal NEO tokens, which are used for transactions within the framework of the project.

In the 22-year period, developers plan to release more than 100 million GAS-tokens. At the same time, as a member of the Blockchain network, you will receive a reward, which amount will decrease by one unit every year: if in the first year you can receive up to 16 percent of tokens, then for the 22nd year of participation, the size of your award will be is reduced to zero.

NEO coin current rate

Before we say, what is 1 NEO coin worth, then here it is necessary to note the growth of the coin rate for the last 7 months by as much as 12,000 percent – this is an impressive progress, which makes one think about the need to invest in this particular coin. To date, February 8, 2018, the cost of the token is 115,53 US dollars. In Bitcoin-equivalent, this indicator is 0.0139113 BTC.

Conclusions about the NEO cryptocurrency

In conclusion, we can say that the NEO Coin cryptocurrency is a very promising and up-to-date project for which a great future is projected. To date, the NEO coin is one of the top ten world leaders in the cryptocurrency market, which indicates that it is possible that it will closely compete with Bitcoin – there is something to think about when choosing a project for investment.


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