Modern-type mining devices are equipped with special 6-pin power connectors, which have long become their standard. They allow you to connect additional power supplies to all PCI-E video cards.

The convenience of using these connectors is due to the compact dimensions and maximum compatibility with the power supplies used.

So, what block for the miner to choose? Which option will be the best?

Here we cannot give an unambiguous answer because opinions differ.

Some users choose only server-based power supplies, because they are very stable, have good efficiency and low cost. Other users prefer ATX blocks that are convenient for home PCs. Their main advantage is the absence of wear and tear.

Choosing a power supply, the key factor of choice is the + 12V channel.

Running the power supply ATX in the absence of the motherboard can be done – just close the two contacts. This is clearly shown in the figure below.


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