This overview of Genesis-mining introduces you one of the best cloud-mining services. You will find out what is it really so good to earn money without any technical skills or mining experience needed. service is a mastodon and a veteran of cloud mining. Even when cloud mining activity was in its beginnings, the service successfully developed and gained momentum. It is characterized by absolute reliability and, if not the highest, but stable yield.

Basic information about the service

The crypto-exchange service provides the possibility of cryptocurrency cloud-mining, and the Bitcoin is the first on the list. Officially, the company entered the cryptocurrency market in 2014.

The main activity of Genesis-mining is that you can conclude deals for cloud mining and receive revenue in the cryptocurrency equivalent. The main office of the company is in Hong Kong.

Using the capabilities of, you can mine Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, and Dogecoin.

Is it worth to deal with the service

If the cryptocurrency market provides numerous different services, then why the multi-currency service is worth your attention? We will immediately say that it really makes sense to invest in it. The first argument in service’s favor is absolute confidence in a long-term work and development. At the same time, fluctuations in power prices can be used to your advantage – choose the moment and make a profitable purchase, and the discount system will help in this. Secondly, be aware that all mining equipment is real. You can find a lot of videos published on the official status – you can see the capacities that are in the company’s turnover.

Features of the Genesis-mining service

The main “chip” and the concurrent advantage of the service is the ability to distribute capacities to different systems at their own discretion in order to obtain the maximum possible revenue. Online service allows you to operate not only passive investments but also conduct activities aimed at profitability increasing.

The next advantage of the service is the promo code. This element can be the code of the referral program of another user. Taking into account the dislike and distrust of the people for such codes, the developer company provide users with a special promotional code – nBzgNi. When you enter this promo code nBzgNi, you get a 3% percent discount on all products of the service in the absence of referral components. Сapacities сrediting is made instantly on the fact of payment, even if in blockchain system the transaction is not yet confirmed. Capacities work – money “drips”.

Using the service, you also need to know about the system of its protection. To organize a high-quality security system that prevents fraudsters from criminal activities, the company has established transactions within 30 days in a case of paying with a bank card. It provides enough time to solve possible problems and eliminates the theft of your funds using the “chargeback” option. If you pay by a cryptocurrency, then you have all the cards on hand, and there are no restrictions on the actions.

How to set up mining activities on the service?

Now we come to the most important thing – work on the service. In vain do not waste time, we just say that a full job involves registering the wallet via Do this according to the standard scheme, which is simple even for beginners:

  1. Go to the official website of the service and search for the registration section;
  2. Fill in all the fields suggested by the system;
  3. Think up a username and password. Remember or record a password and store it inaccessible for other people;
  4. Get the wallet address and start to work on the service.

Immediately after authorization on the site, you get to the Dashboard menu – this is the main page where you can see basic information. In the upper three blocks, you can see what capacities you are controlling, as well as the amount of money earned during the last week.

Mining Allocation is an option for distribution of mining capacities. This means that you can independently distribute your capacities and direct them to the extraction of specific crypto coins. Above you will find options for selecting algorithms and related coins. Select the appropriate block for the selected cryptocurrency and send your power to it.

The choice of currency for mining at

After you have passed the registration procedure and are slightly acclimatized on the expanse of, you can proceed directly to what you have come here for – for the extraction of coins. If you are not registered for entertaining only, then we strongly advise you to use special calculators for profitability. They will help determine the optimal currency for extraction at the moment. Below we will consider those menu items you will operate in the course of mining.

  • Settings – Wallets – this section will allow you to manipulate created cryptocurrency wallets. You’re able to enter data into them, receive and send payments. A wallet is mandatory, because it will receive all your incomes.

  • 2factor auth – is a two-factor authorization tab, which is made using Google Authenticator.

An important aspect is the functioning of the partnership program. Here we need our promo code – enter it and get a 3% discount on an ongoing basis.

  • Upgrade hashpower – here are your purchased additional capacity. Before concluding a transaction, do not forget to specify the details of the wallets to which payments will be transferred.

Conclusions about the cloud service

So, what can we say about this pioneer of cloud mining? If you want to make a good investment, then this option suits you perfectly. The investment of money will justify itself and will pay off itself after a year and a half, while you will receive stable payments on a permanent basis, without doing anything at all. If you want to quickly see the results of your work, then just do not invest your money to not be disappointed.

A high level of reliability, simple and intuitive management of resources will allow even inexperienced and novice users to handle service’s opportunities, and for an experienced miner this website will prove to be the real «home».


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