The dragon is not only a cartoon character or fantasy but also a cryptocurrency product of the world famous company Walt Disney.

The Dragonchain basic information

A digital currency called Dragonchain is a token on a platform that runs on the basis of a blockchain. The system started in 2014. The developer of the Dragonchain site is indeed the company Walt Disney, which we all associate not with the cryptocurrency, but with cartoons and films. The creation of the Dragonchain system initially implied exclusively the internal application of the product. During the work on the project, it was decided to provide open source code to users – this makes the platform accessible to all newcomers.

The list of the main functionality of the Dragonchain platform includes:

  • Security mechanisms, identification, and confidentiality of information;
  • Audit, work with the copyright of digital data;
  • Legal service and others.

All the work of Dragonchain site is based on smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain system – this allows the system to maintain a decent level of manufacturability.

Advantages of the Dragonchain project

Since the Dragonchain system is not the first and unique business project focused on optimizing the sphere of finance, its main task is to solve the issues of additional costs for various examinations and employees. In this case, the Dragonchain system is a hybrid – in it only part of the data is in the general availability to the users of the network, and the other part remains encrypted.

Among the advantages of the Dragonchain system are:

  • High scalability;
  • A high-quality security system;
  • Support of C#, Python, Java, Node and other programming languages;
  • A simplified scheme for programming smart contracts.

Dragonchain development plan

The Dragonchain system, after making the decision of the creators about the public application of the project, acquired a roadmap. According to the development plan last autumn, the croudshell of DRGN tokens was conducted – as a result, nearly 433.5 million coins were released by the platform, which was distributed according to this scheme:

  • 55 percent of assets for sale;
  • 20 percent of assets – payment for the project team;
  • 10 percent of assets – platform reserve;
  • 10 percent of assets – in the resources of the Project Fund;
  • 5 percent of assets – administrative expenses.

Crowside, focused on the development of the incubator, was planned for early 2018.

By the autumn of 2018 the Dragonchain system should be fully suitable for full-fledged work.

Full information about the Dragonchain system can be found on the official website of the company

Dragonchain Tokens purchase

The DRGN coin is used as a means of payment for user access to the complete site toolkit. At the time of publication, the cost of the DRGN is $ 1.09 with a capitalization of almost $ 270 million.

Conclusions about the Dragonchain system

The prospects and development of the Dragonchain project are impressive – no one could have previously thought that Walt Disney will also be involved in the cryptocurrency industry. Further development of the system will show what to expect the holders of coins DRGN.


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