For today, the most beneficial and really convenient way to get some Bitcoins completely for free is to use such a scheme as a faucet. «What is it and what it is eaten with» — we will consider it in this article. Also, we will try to highlight all of the key aspects of its earnings mechanism.

So, it is a usual working web resource but it shares with all registered accounts some amount of cryptocurrency. It happens periodically — for example, once an hour, once a day and so on. The main principle of this site — the user navigates by linking to a certain website, enters the code (Captcha) and performs a specific action — solves a simple problem, selects a picture from the offered list, finds the address of the wanted site, etc. There can be any task in general but it is quickly implemented and allows the performer to get the desired reward.

Such faucets don’t distribute whole Bitcoins to anyone but they’re generously divided by a cryptocurrency «shards», called Satoshi.

Such websites are a very good source of income for its creator. If you correctly place all the advertising banners and buttons to which users will click, this will bring a huge profit to the owner. There is no need to put any effort into promotion since Internet users will create reputation and rating for you by attracting referrals.

Faucet sites are designed in such a way as to stimulate the visitor to stay on their resource as long as possible. Previously, when were created the first systems and they was limited to the whole Internet, the time spent by the visitor on the site was not a priority factor. But today everything has changed. Users who want to get some coins are on the faucet site for up to two minutes, waiting for the button to appear with the entry of the BTC wallet number. Also, there are such websites that allow the coveted button to appear after 30 minutes, and on other web portals – only after 24 hours.

Main types of Bitcoin faucets

To understand what crypto faucets are, you need to test it in practice. Choose any faucet, register on the site, solve the captcha and get the Satos that will accumulate on your account.

There are two main types of Bitcoin faucets depending on the method of withdrawal of funds:

  • Faucets with instant withdrawal of funds;
  • Faucets with periodic payments.

If we consider the first group, then the most famous site is BTC-GoldMine. This faucet provides immediate withdrawal of funds to the wallet. The user must create his own mine and get profit from its work. In the future, you can build a second, third and so on. With a large number of enterprises, the user expands earning opportunities.

It is necessary to say about casinos, which also belong to the first group of faucets with instant withdrawals. Bitcoin faucet-casino — this is an excellent way to earn money for those who like excitement and want to instantly receive a reward. Here you have to spend your money on the turnover of the game and it will bring you pleasant bonuses to the user.

For today, this group of portals is not uncommon but you need to read the terms of the agreement carefully. If there are any questions about projects functionality, contact the support team. The most active players are personal managers who give valuable recommendations and help to win the money.

Now we will consider what a bitcoin faucet with periodic payments is. Here you can choose from thousands of sites, and the withdrawal of funds can be made either daily, or once a week. Withdrawals terms depend on the rules of the specific project.

Myths about bitcoin cranes: true or false?

It seems that everything is so open and smooth, attractive to earn Satosh without personal investment. But where is the catch? What are the myths around the work of the faucets and what is really true?

Consider the most common myths about the activity of bitcoin-cranes:

  1. Within one month you can get a whole bitcoin.

If you work 40 hours a week, that is a standard working day, then in the hour, your earnings should be 277,777 Satoshi. In terms of a second, this is 77.1. The issue of earning on the faucet does not just happen, because the player must view the advertising banners at first, unravel the captcha, and it takes about a minute. Moreover, the periodicity of obtaining a reward can be limited by the developer – for example, he gives a reward to a user only once in 20 minutes or for 1 hour, and someone wants the visit to be no more than once every three hours.

2. The authors of articles on the topic of faucets and the creators of video on YouTube can easily receive up to one bitcoin weekly.

And this is also a myth, because all materials – both text and video – are created in order to attract referrals to the site. An organic link is inserting into the content with a transition which allows you to get to the bitcoin faucet. The author receives a commission, usually a percentage payment for the registration of each content user. There’s no speech could be about any fabulous reward.

3. Each site is guaranteed to pay its users.

In fact, there are also sites that do not provide timely payment to users. Everything can be built in such a way that you need to accumulate a certain amount of Satoshi, and after reaching the necessary amount of funds you can withdraw them. But the daily reward can be very miserable, and the user is bored to spend valuable time clicks on links and captcha every time, so all the accumulated pennies remain with the owner. But there are also websites-scammers, which only pour the promises about the withdrawal of funds with no real result.

Top-10 best Bitcoins faucet 2017

To make sure what really Bitcoin faucet is and whether it really allows you to earn a reward, we offer you the top-10 best sites for today:

  1. BonusBitcoin;
  2. Zcashfaucet;
  3. Free-Bitcoin;
  4. Bitcoin-s;
  5. BattleBitcoin;


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