The Binance project is a platform based on blockchain technologies for operating cryptocurrency assets.

The Binance system allows its users make exchange transactions with profit by playing with cryptocurrency rates and also provides the following possibilities:

  • Obtaining support in the development and promotion of startups;
  • Obtaining business support from other users of the Binance network;
  • Obtaining user support when working with altcoins;
  • Support in launching ICO for new products of the cryptocurrency market.

Binance network members have at their disposal all the resources of the system, allowing them to manipulate the cryptocurrency within the most comfortable conditions and with a high level of security.

Binance System Features

Considering the Binance project from a technological point of view, it is worth noting that the system provides its users with a lot of features and advanced functionality, including:

  • High level and stability of the security system;
  • System architecture, formed by the multilevel and multicluster principles;
  • High level of productivity;
  • The ability to process more than 1.4 million applications per second;
  • High liquidity;
  • Availability of reliable partners and rich resources for development;
  • Android, Web, Html5, Wechat and other software technologies and platforms support;
  • Multilanguage interface;
  • Support for a package of cryptocurrencies including such coins as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

Binance Labs

Binance Labs is a branch of the Binance project. It provides funds resources to the system users, Launchpad, as well as integrated modern technologies for efficient work with various cryptocurrency tools. The funds provide users with primary financing for the development of new projects with cryptocurrency capital. In this case, users of the Binance network can use the resources of the technical architecture, product market, the experience of the ICO advisory committee.

The Binance platform is one of the largest exchange projects of the world cryptocurrency market. The Binance system offers a wide range of functions for carrying out activities with a special interest in the following projects:

  • Decentralized exchange systems;
  • Algo Traiding;
  • Work with market data and news applications;
  • Creation of chats on the basis of blockchain technologies;
  • Work with VPN based on blockchain technology.

Advantages of the Binance system

Reviewing the Binance platform, you should note a number of advantages that the system provides its users:

  • The presence of a professional development team. Under the leadership of Changpeng Zhao, a team of highly qualified specialists optimizes and improves the project using cryptographic and other modern technologies, as well as supporting startups;
  • Work with proven products. The Binance project is compatible and interacts with more than 3 dozens of exchange resources. It provides enhanced functionality and maximum comfort in a process of work;
  • Manufacturability. The technological solutions integrated into the system allow to provide high speed of data processing and increased security while operating with cryptocurrency assets;
  • Resource-intensive. The Binance platform maintains a close relationship with the leading projects of the cryptocurrency market. It ensures their mutual support of the platform and its continuous development.

Binance Security System

After registration on the Binance platform, the user becomes the owner of the personal cabinet. User’s monetary assets are stored and operated within the system through the private account’s settings and options.

In addition to providing an adequate level of security, thanks to integrated blockchain technologies, it is also recommended not to neglect password reliability. Also, users can use two-factor authentication and other ways to improve the level of data protection.

Confidential data is used by the system only when dealing with money and when authorizing in the office. User information is not transferred to third parties.

Tariffs for working in the Binance system

When executing cash transactions in the Binance system, a commission of 0.1 percent is charged – it is a trade charge for the platform resources usage. If the BNB-token is used – the commission is 0.05 percent. There is no payment for the deposit, and when withdrawing funds from the system, the number of the commission is determined in proportion to the amount of assets.

Full information about the Binance project can be obtained on the official website of the company –

Access to the “inside” of the Binance platform is provided to users within the GitHub framework –


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