The word ASIC, which is often found among persons engaged in the production of cryptocurrency, is an English abbreviation.

Decoding sounds like Application Specific Integrated Circuit. In fact, ASIC is a specialized microchip that performs a certain range of tasks. The main feature of such schemes is the use of them in certain devices and the performance of their exclusively specified functions, which must necessarily be present in the selected device.

A vivid example of ASIC is the microcircuit, the main task of which is to manage the mobile device. Also, chips of this type are often used to decode and encode video and audio signals. Such chips are also known as signal processors.

For the process of extracting virtual currency, ASIC is used exclusively because of the unique structure that allows reducing the cost of production of microcircuits. In addition, due to the specific orientation of the chips, the level of productivity and energy efficiency of the digital currency extraction process is increasing.


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