It is not enough just to build a farm by connecting video cards to the motherboard. This is only a small part of the matter. But you still need to properly configure the entire system, so that it was really productive and worked for its owner on the result.

Below we will look at how AMD drivers are installed on a farm consisting of six video cards and a motherboard ASRock H81 Pro is a GPU farm run by the Windows operating system.

The installation process will be detailed and understandable even for beginners, which is extremely important and useful for the subsequent operation of the farm. So, let’s get started.

There are several options for installing:

  • Through the graphical arsenal of your PC;
  • Through the command line;
  • For six video card farms (this is for Windows 7 and 8).

Let’s consider each method in detail.

Installation via graphic snap-in

How to install via graphic snap-in:

  • The main feature is the identifier of the “Basic video adapter (Microsoft)”;
  • The best solution is to download the installation file on the site

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Run the AMD installation file, pay the utmost attention to the unpacking point of the archive. The program offers a standard option: to C drive and to the AMD folder. It cannot be changed, but it is important to remember this or copy the full link to the exchange buffer;

  1. If a big screen saver appears on the screen with the command “Install”, immediately close it and do not think about it at all. We collect the farm, after all, so we do not need any extra installed programs;

  1. Go to the device manager (you can use the “Start” menu by clicking on the right mouse button);
  2. In the device list, you need to find the Base Video Adapter (Microsoft) and right-click on it. We need the “Update drivers” option;
  3. Select the command to search for drivers on the computer;
  4. It is necessary to specify the path for the archive unpacking (the link itself, which we copied to the buffer);
  5. The operation will be completed after a few minutes.

You can start mining without rebooting. So everything is simple and fast.

Installing through the command line

How to install via the command line:

  • The main feature is the identifier of the “Basic video adapter (Microsoft)”;
  • The best solution is to have a downloaded and saved archive with installation files (a long link to the path of saving the archive on drive C in the AMD folder).

For the miner, only the link that leads to the archiving is of interest.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open the command line, running it as administrator;
  2. Go to the C:\AMD\16.2\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF folder;
  3. Run the installation: pnputil -i -a * .inf;

  1. Wait a few minutes – the process is completed;

To test for successful actions, you can type the combination: start devmgmt.msc.

Installation for 6 video cards

How to install for six video card farms (this is for Windows 7 and 8):

  • The main sign is the exclamation mark on the video card with the error “Code 43”;
  • The best solution is to have the archive 6xGPU_mod_1_0_0_1.7z.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download, unpack and run the archive, then click on the Mod button. A special registry file with the reg extension will be generated. Next, you should find it in the folder where you run the program;

  1. By double-clicking it, you need to import the reg-file;
  2. Restart the PC;
  3. Go to the device manager to check the result;

  1. Start mining.

The end.


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