The growing popularity of electronic payments has led to the appearance on the market of a large number of diverse products that give the user the opportunity to dispose of his funds without physical contact with money. This overview of the AdvCash service will allow you to become more familiar with the electronic payment system, which provides you with the full functionality for convenient and quick management of available funds remotely.

Basic information about the AdvCash service

Service AdvCash is a universal payment system for entering, withdrawing, cashing and exchanging electronic funds, as well as convenient online banking service.

Storage of funds within the AdvCash service framework allows you to operate with your money from a distance. You can create a virtual payment card, an AdvCash wallet, to replenish your account at any time. Also, you can order a bank card of the AdvCash system, which will allow you to make various transactions. For example, using this card, you can withdraw funds with the service and cash out electronic money using special terminals.

Importantly, the AdvCash online service is an independent and full-fledged system, which is protected from interference of state and banking structures. It allows you to safely store your funds on the card – only you will have full access to the money, so you can freeze or close the account.

The creation of the AdvCash service dates back to the year 2014 – enhanced functionality and ease of use contributed to the rapid growth of the popularity of the resource. Multicurrency wallet AdvCash supports the work of most types of electronic and physical currencies, which allows you to carry out transactions anywhere in the world. The AdvCash e-currency wallet is an offshore system – integration with MasterCard makes its use as comfortable as possible and devoid of unnecessary intermediate stages for making transactions. You need an account created within the service to work with your funds. Also, registration requires a mobile phone number and an email address. Managing funds has never been easier.

If you decided to create an AdvCash wallet – both virtual and real in the form of a card, then it will open you a lot of opportunities:

  • The possibility of making safe transactions on the Internet;
  • A lot of options for entering and withdrawing funds from the account, including the absence of commissions;
  • Convenience of managing your funds anywhere in the world;
  • Wide functionality for the manipulation of monetary assets;
  • Availability of virtual and plastic service cards.

AdvCash Advantages

Registration on the AdvCash service and working with its resources gives you a lot of advantages:

  • Simplicity and comfort of using AdvCash. The interface is easy to manage, so even the beginner can easily understand the principles of its work;
  • The possibility of simultaneous management of four wallets for different currencies: the US dollar, the British pound sterling, the euro and the Russian ruble;
  • The absence of commissions charged for internal transactions within the system. Now you can make transfers for free;
  • The minimum amount of commissions when entering and withdrawing funds to various electronic payment systems and bank cards, as well as SWIFT transfers;
  • A high level of security through the use of two-factor authorization and the use of tokens;
  • Support of the service by a large number of organizations and companies around the world. It allows for a variety of monetary transactions at the most favorable terms;
  • Comfort working with exchange services for monitoring exchange rates;
  • The ability to convert funds into another currency using an offshore card on the most favorable terms.

Disadvantages of AdvCash

Despite the fact that the advantages of the AdvCash service are represented by a large number of positive factors, there are also system shortcomings. Against the backdrop of the merits of the service, they seem insignificant, but we cannot mention them for an objective assessment of the system:

  • When replenishing the account through cellular operators, the commission can be quite large;
  • The list of options does not include the use of mobile applications for Android, iOS, and other devices;
  • The absence of the possibility of canceling the payment with the unused protection code;
  • Changing of the cost of the card order to the big side after 7 days from the moment of registration on the service.

AdvCash card ordering

For using all the resources offered by the service, you need not only register an AdvCash account, but also order a card.

To avoid inaccuracies, we present a step-by-step instruction that describes in detail how to start work with the service card:

  • On the official site we go to the personal cabinet section and fill out the form suggested by the system. When specifying the address where the card should be delivered, you can specify anyone convenient for you. The data may not coincide with the information specified during the verification procedure.
  • Before ordering a card, you need to refill your AdvCash balance to pay for the card opening service, which is 4.99 or 14.99 US dollars depending on the number of days from the moment of registration on the site.
  • After the card delivery to the address specified in the form, you need to activate it in your personal account – enter its number consisting of 16 characters, and wait until the icon of the card turns green.
  • Get the PIN-code of the card:
    • Call one of the numbers;
    • Select the language you want in the autoresponder mode;
    • Select the section for obtaining the PIN-code from the menu;
    • Enter the card number and click on the lattice icon;
    • Specify the date of birth in the format without punctuation marks – day, month, year, and click the lattice icon again;
    • Listen and write down the PIN that will be dictated by the operator. If necessary, press «1» and listen to the PIN again.

Verification on the AdvCash site

The registration instructions for the AdvCash service are very simple and we will not pay attention to it – go in, select “Registration”, fill in all the fields, confirm registration by clicking on the link sent to your email address. But this is not enough to start using all the functionality of the service – you must undergo a verification procedure that will allow you to create additional protection for your account:

  • Personal data – upload a scan of the pages of your identity document in your personal account. Presence of a photo is obligatory;
  • Address – upload a scan of the page from the passport with your registration address;
  • Phone number – confirm your mobile phone number via SMS.

Now you can operate with your funds with maximum security.

Receiving and sending money via the AdvCash service

You can read a full description of the procedure for entering and withdrawing funds on AdvCash in separate articles since it does not differ from similar operations on other well-known platforms. Let’s just say that with AdvCash we can use not only electronic payment systems, but also internet banking, paper money operations, and Bitcoin-network. Also, you can transfer money to recipients who do not have their own AdvCash wallet.

Conclusions about the AdvCash service

Summing up, we can say that AdvCash is a new, but very promising project. It provides the user with a wide functional for working with both real and virtual currencies and also provides integration into various spheres, which is very important in the era of the development of electronic and digital technologies. AdvCash service will suit both experienced users, and beginners – quickly, simply and reliably.


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